Longjing Tea Plantation

Longjing Tea Plantation

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Longjing Tea Plantation

Introduction: IntroductionOne of the "Ten New Sights of the West Lake", this place is frequently visited by..

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Travel Tips:Tips:Longjing tea is good for people’s health.Furthermore, Longjing tea aids o­ne's ..

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Longjing Tea Plantation Introduction

One of the "Ten New Sights of the West Lake", this place is frequently visited by those who come for a taste of the Longjing tea, known for its greenness, fragrance, mellow taste, and beauty of tea leaves. It is lying o­n Fenghuang Hill with a wide area of water and is rich in spring water. Longjing actually means, "Dragon Well" and according to legend,the Dragon Well was discovered in about 230AD. This fresh spring waterencouraged the people of Hangzhou to develop their own quality tea, and thus Longjing tea was born.

Longjing Tea Plantation Features

Longjing Tea tops the ten renowned teas in China. Now it is a resort to taste tea for leisure. A trip to the village of Longjing is a 30minute cycle ride and most of the hotels in Hangzhou have bikes fo rhire. Tea terraces rise up o­n either side of the village and it's an interesting area to walk around and watch the locals at work. So many places here have tea for sale and it is hard to recommend which type or flavor is the best. Prices for the tea range from RMB500 for o­ne kilo to RMB1,000 per kilo. But you can buy a nice tea for between RMB500 andRMB2000.

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Bus:27 tourline3

Longjing Tea Plantation Transporation

Fee and opening hours
Admission: 35RMB
Opening hours: 5:45-20:00

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