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Shen Long Dong Tian

Introduction: IntroductionShenlong Cave known for its rarity , beauty and unprecedentedness , it has stone f..

Tickets:Fee and opening hoursAdmission: 15RMBOpening hours: 8:00-17:00

Travel Tips:Tips1.Please keep the environment of the resort. 2.You can not leave the rubbish in the reso..

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Shenlong Cave known for its rarity , beauty and unprecedentedness , it has stone forest and stone curtain inside with carious forms , and the stone falls are with tremendously momentous , which are acclaimed as the peak of perfection. Shenlong Cave is a stalactites cave .Shenlong Cave are formed by the deposition of calcium carbonate and other minerals, which is precipitated from mineralized water solutions.

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The corresponding formation o­n the floor underneath a stalactite is known as a stalagmite. Given enough time, these formations can meet and fuse to create columns. Every stalactite begins with a single mineral-laden drop of water. When the drop falls, it leaves behind the thinnest ring of calcite. Each subsequent drop that forms and falls deposits another calcite ring. Eventually, these rings form a very narrow (0.5 mm), hollow tube commonly known as a "soda straw" stalactite. Soda straws can grow quite long, but are very fragile. If they become plugged by debris, water begins flowing over the outside, depositing more calcite and creating the more familiar cone-shaped stalactite

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Fee and opening hours
Admission: 15RMB
Opening hours: 8:00-17:00

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Bus specialism line.

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