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Mount Qingyuan

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Mount Qingyuan

Introduction: Mount Qingyuan has been famous since the Tang dynasty. The earliest mention of Mount Qingyuan ..

Tickets:The Statues of the Three Buddhas (Tibetan Buddhism) stand in the Bixiao Grotto o­n Mt. Q..

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Mount Qingyuan Introduction

Mount Qingyuan has been famous since the Tang dynasty. The earliest mention of Mount Qingyuan is from around 221-207 BCE. Rapid development of Mount Qingyuan began in 618-1279 CE and reached its peak during 1297 to 1911.

The centuries of development o­n Mount Qingyuan has imprinted various important historical and cultural artifacts. Such examples include nine huge Taoist and Buddhist stone sculptures, 600 stone inscriptions and 3 granite stones. The site also contain the shrine of Master Honyi.

There is also the "Four Superlatives' which includes the stone statue of Laozi from the Song era, the Vedic stone statues of Buddha for Three Lives, the holy Islamic tombs and the pray for wind stone inscriptions.

Mount Qingyuan Features

 Mt. Qingyuan is o­ne of the principal tourist attractions in the Quanzhou area. The mountain's scenic area encompasses about 62 square kilometers. The main scenic area is about 3 kilometers to Quanzhou City. The Scenic Area is comprised of three mountains-Qingyuan, Ling and Jiuri.

Mount Qingyuan Tickets

The Statues of the Three Buddhas (Tibetan Buddhism) stand in the Bixiao Grotto o­n Mt. Qingyuan. They were built during the Yuan Dynasty. The three Buddhas are set in a rectangular niche and each sits o­n a lotus flower throne. In the middle is Sakyamuni with his right hand touching the ground. o­n the left is Dipamkarara who has an alms bowl in his left hand. o­n the right is Maitreya who sits in meditation. All three Buddhas exemplify the fine carving skills of Yuan Dynasty artisans.

Mount Qingyuan Transporation

The Statue of Lao-Tzu is o­n the left peak of Mt. Qingyuan. Lao-Tzu was a famous philosopher and thinker and the founder of Taoism. His statue is considered o­ne of the finest expressions of stone carving art in the Song Dynasty. Lao-Tzu's left hand rests o­n his left knee and his right hand o­n a small table. His face is somewhat exaggerated with a pair of bright eyes, long eyebrows, a mustache and two oversized ears. It seems that he has seen through the vanity of the world and his face beams with happiness. This statue is the biggest extant stone sculpture of Lao-Tzu measuring 5 meters high and 8 meters wide.

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