Hechuan Fishing City

Hechuan Fishing City

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Hechuan Fishing City

Introduction: Introduction The Fishing Town is located in Hechuan City, 40 kilometers from Chongqing. Establ..

Tickets:Fishing city fee and opening hourTicket: 30 yuanOpening hour : unknown

Travel Tips:Tips The road in Chongqing is a little stepping, please prepare suitable clothes and shoes. T..

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Hechuan Fishing City Introduction

The Fishing Town is located in Hechuan City, 40 kilometers from Chongqing. Established in 1242, or the 2nd year of the Chunyou reign of the Southern Song (about 1100-1279), Fishing Town covers 2.5 square km up to the Fishing Mountain o­n the southern shore of the Jialing River in Hechuan City's Heyang Town. In 1258, the Mongols launched a three-way attack o­n the Song, and in February the preceding year, Fishing Town was besieged.
The topography in the east and west of the city is acclivitous, mountainous regions stick out in the northwestern part, southwestern part and the middle of the city. It forms some hills, such as Baodaoling, Ma’an Hill, Zhongyan etc. There are many forts around the mountain. Naodingping, Shuoziling, Sunjiawan, Jiboyan, Fangniuping, Hantianbao, Shizi hill are in the east, and the Zhujiagou, Baihe hut, Yaozi yan in the north, and there are Heishuiyao, Juanerzidukou in the south.
Chongqing is misty all year round but has little snow and frost, the winter is warm, the summer is hot, the spring comes early and the autumn is short. It has abundant rainfall, especially at the transitional period of spring and summer, the annual average temperature is about 18℃, and the best travel time is spring and winter.

Hechuan Fishing City Features

It is famous for its resistance to the Mongol armies in the latter half of the Song Dynasty in Feb,1259. o­ne of the most notable events was the death of Mongol leader Mongke Khan by cannon shot, which forced the immediate withdrawal of Mongol troops from Europe and Asia and prevented the Mongolian Empire from expanding towards Africa and Western Europe in July,1259.The Song army mounted a valiant counterattack that lasted 36 years and made world war history by rebuffing a strong enemy with a weak force. This prompted some European historians to laud Fishing Town as the "Mecca of the East" and "Where God broke his whip".
The ruins of the ancient battlefield of Fishing Town are well kept there. The main scenic spots are city gate, city wall, imperial palace, Wudaoyamen, Step military compound, Naval wharf and other historic resorts. And there are Fishing platform, Huguo temple, Xuanfo temple, imperial cave, Tianquan cave, Feiyan cave etc and massive poetry rhetorics and carvings and steles. In 1982, the Fishing city is listed as the national scenic area.

Hechuan Fishing City Tickets

Fishing city fee and opening hour
Ticket: 30 yuan
Opening hour : unknown

Hechuan Fishing City Transporation

Take bus at Guanyin bridge bus station to Hechuan, and then take bus to the scenic area at Ta’er men bustation. The ticket is 3 yuan

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