Fengdu Ming Mountain scenic area

Fengdu Ming Mountain scenic area

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Fengdu Ming Mountain scenic area

Introduction: Introduction Located o­n the Ming Mountain o­n the northern bank of the Yangtze River..

Tickets:Fengdu ming mountain fee and opening hourTicket : 80 yuan(including Fengdu Ming mountain, nati..

Travel Tips:Tips 1.The elevation in the plateau area of the northwest of Sichuan is high, so the temperat..

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Fengdu Ming Mountain scenic area Introduction

Located o­n the Ming Mountain o­n the northern bank of the Yangtze River, Fengdu County is known to most Chinese as the 'Ghost City.' Having nearly two thousand years' history, the Ghost City combines the cultures of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism with the mystique of ghosts. Many famous literary works like Journey to the West, Apotheosis of Heroes and Strange Tales of a Lonely Studio contain vivid references to Fengdu.
Fengdu Mingshan Mountain is o­n the northern bank of Yangtze River, 172 kilometers from Chongqing City. The legendary capital of the Ghost King is at the top of Mingshan Mountain. Legend has it that the gates of hell are actually o­n top of the mountain. The Ghost City can be reached by either cable car or by climbing hundreds of cobblestone steps.
It imitates the juridical system of hell and produces a hell that mingling the capture, detainment, trial, judgment and education function as a whole. Though the legend of King of hell is false, its function of punishment to the evil men and praise to the good o­nes is highly regarded by people.
Chongqing is misty all year round but has little snow and frost, the winter is warm, the summer is hot, the spring comes early and the autumn is short. It has abundant rainfall, especially at the transitional period of spring and summer, the annual average temperature is about 18℃, and the best travel time is spring and winter.

Fengdu Ming Mountain scenic area Features

As for the historic relics, Mt. Ming is a mountain combining the religion of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. Sculptures, paintings, and architecture are unique characteristic of the mountain.On top of the hill can be found 48 temples and numerous life size sculptures of demons. These sculptures describe the afterlife of tortures, awaiting those who end up in hell. It is going to be relocated, before the completion of the Three Gorges Dam. The Ghost City is located high enough up, not to be affected.There are 27 old temples o­n the hill; the group of statues of hell copied the court, prison, cruel excruciations showing the Chinese concepts of God and ghost, paradise and hell. It also has the inscriptions of Su Shi, Lu You and other celebrities.

Shuanggui Mountain :It is also a place of interest, located in the northwest corner of Fengdu. It has more than 500,000 trees of more than 100 species, including 20 rare species of trees. It mainly has Confucian Temple, Luming Temple, Enlai Pavilion and other scenic sites.
Ghost City Temple Fair
There are many people when the annual Ghost City Temple Fair o­n the lunar third of March comes; the tour of town God, happy dance of ghost kingdom and other customs are performed, which are the most impressive.

Fengdu Ming Mountain scenic area Tickets

Fengdu ming mountain fee and opening hour
Ticket : 80 yuan(including Fengdu Ming mountain, national forest park, and Shuangui mountain, Ghost country God palace and the insurance fee), the fee of ropeway: 20 yuan(up and down)
Opening hour: 6:30 –17:30

Fengdu Ming Mountain scenic area Transporation

1.Take coach at Chaotian Gate, Chongqing to Fengdu county , and then go to the scenic area by bus , the ticket is 3 yuan.
 2.take highway hovercraft at Chaotian Gate Dock for six hours to Fengdu county, get off the boat you will arrive at the scenic area.

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