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Three Natural Bridges

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Three Natural Bridges

Introduction: IntroductionThree Natural Bridges is located 20 kilometers (12 miles) southeast of Chongqing Ci..

Tickets:Three Natural Bridges Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: 100 yuan (Furongjiang river+boating) &n..

Travel Tips:TipsChongqing has little frost and snow, much cloud and mist and abundant rainfall, especially..

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Three Natural Bridges Introduction

Three Natural Bridges is located 20 kilometers (12 miles) southeast of Chongqing City in Wulong County. It is a rare geological wonder and an eco-tourist's delight. It features three natural karst bridges: Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge and Heilong Bridge. The three natural karst stone arch bridges, with an average height of over 200 meters (656 feet), and an average span of over 200 meters (656 feet), constitute the largest natural bridge cluster in Asia.
The three natural bridges are situated in a 1.5 kilometer (12 mile) - long gorge. They evolved due to tectonic uplift and the erosion by underground water. Some parts uplifted forming the bridges, and others collapsed to form karst pits. Therefore, the unique landscape of 'Three Natural Bridges enclosed with Two Pits' is solely nature's creation.

Three Natural Bridges Features

Tianlong Bridge is about 200 meters (656 feet) in height, 100 meters (328 feet) in width. It spans 450 meters (1,476 feet), and has two arches from south to north. The south arch was also called Mihun Cave. The northern arch is a passage.
Qinglong Bridge is about 350 meters (1,148 feet) high, 150 meters (492 feet) wide, and spans over 400 meters (1,312 meters). After the rains, a waterfall pours over the bridge and forms a mist. When the sunset reflects o­n the mist, a colorful rainbow emerges like a dragon ascending to the heaven.
Heilong Bridge has a deep and long arch passage, like a black dragon winding its way out from the passage. Helong Bridge is also renowned for its four springs with tortuous trickles of stream. The Three Natural Bridges is a karst stone arch bridge cluster unrivalled elsewhere of Asia in terms of height and the thickness of the bridge surface. It is magnificent.

Three Natural Bridges Tickets

Three Natural Bridges Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 100 yuan (Furongjiang river+boating)
                      50 yuan (speed boarding across the Furongjiang river)
Opening hours: no information

Three Natural Bridges Transporation

You could take the bus from Chongqing bus station to Wulong county, and get off at Jiangkou town.

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