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Baoguo Temple

Introduction: IntroductionBaoguo Temple is a thousand-year-old renowned temple and o­ne of the first cul..

Tickets:Baoguo Temple fee and opening hoursAdmission 12yuanOpening hours 8:30-16:30

Travel Tips:Tips1.You can not take photos in some places please contact staff for asking permission. 2.Ple..

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Baoguo Temple Introduction

Baoguo Temple is a thousand-year-old renowned temple and o­ne of the first cultural relic sites designated to be specially preserved in China. It is situated at the foot of Mount Feishilin in Jiangbei District of Ningbo City, thirteen kilometers away from the downtown. The Grand Hall in Baoguo Temple is o­ne of the oldest and best-preserved wooden structures in South Yangtze region of China, invaluable to the nation's architectural studies.

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Baoguo Temple has a long history. As historical records go, in the Guangwu reign of the East Han Dynasty (25-220), Zhang Qifang, head of the secretariat, son of  Dashing General Zhang Yi, retired here after quitting officialdom. He transformed his hut into a temple and named it Linshan Temple, also known as "Dashing General Temple". It was later ruined, then rebuilt, destroyed again in the Huichang Reign of the Tang Dynasty when Buddhism was denounced as heretic. In 880 of the Tang Dynasty, Monk Kegong of Guoning Temple in Mingzhouguo (the present Ningbo) was sent to Chang'an, to entreat Tang Xizong, the then Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, to have Linshan Temple restored. While in Chang'an, he lectured o­n Buddhist Scriptures in the Hongfu Temple, thus greatly boosting Buddhism. Tremendously pleased, the emperor thought the restoration of Baoguo Temple was a great help in strengthening China, and thus a great tribute to it. Therefore, the emperor blessed him with a stele o­n which were written two large Chinese characters "Bao Guo" (Protecting the Country).

Baoguo Temple Tickets

Baoguo Temple fee and opening hours
Admission 12yuan
Opening hours 8:30-16:30

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Bus 332 from Third hosipital

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