The Great Wall on Tiger Mountain

The Great Wall on Tiger Mountain

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The Great Wall on Tiger Mountain

Introduction: IntroductionThe Great Wall o­n Tiger Mountain, which overlooks the Yalu River about15 kilom..

Tickets:The Great Wall o­n Tiger Mountain Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: CNY 15Opening hours:

Travel Tips:TipsDandong is a attractive city, several minority nationalitis live here, such as, Man, Men..

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The Great Wall on Tiger Mountain Introduction

The Great Wall o­n Tiger Mountain, which overlooks the Yalu River about15 kilometers northeast of downtown Dandong. This part of the Great Wall is of particular interest to historians and visitors because it's the eastern starting point of the dragon-like Great Wall rebuilt centuries ago during the Ming Dynasty. o­n the mountain top there is a beacon tower, erected to guard against intruding armies. This tower gives a panoramic view across Yalu River and along the Sino-Korean border. The Tiger Mountain lies o­n the bank of the Yalu River which is 15 kilometers’ distance away from the east of Dandong City. It is o­ne of the important scenic spots of the Yalu River Scenic Spot, facing the Red Island and Yizhou, an old city of Korea, across the River.
    The Ming Dynasty Great Wall lies o­n the Mountain just like a big dragon. The Riverside Road at the foot of the Mountain is connected with the 201 national Road. The Bangshan Platform o­n the Riverside is the east starting point of the Great Wall. Around the Tiger Mountain, there are ruins of West Anping County built in Han Dynasty and ruins of the old battlefield of the war between China and Japan and between China and Russia.
    The area of the Tiger Mountain is 4 square kilometers. The main peak in the Mountain is 146.3 meters’ high. At the top of the peak is the first beacon tower of the Great Wall. Looking around o­n the beacon tower, you can clearly see Korea’s Yizhou City, the sea beach in Ma City, China, and the Yalu River Bridge that connects Dandong and Sinuiju.

The Great Wall on Tiger Mountain Features

 The beautiful surroundings of the Tiger Mountain made it o­ne of the eight famous scenic spots in Andong in the early years. There are 28 scenic spots such as the Great Wall, the Sleeping Buddha, and the Cliff o­n the mouth of the Tiger Mountain and so o­n, which are the best tourist attractions in Dandong’s suburb.
    The Tiger Mountain, which is still being built, is surrounded by clear waters. The Great Wall runs up and down along the Mountain. The yachts that shuttle around the Mountain and lake directly get to the Yalu River. Trees and flowers invert their reflection in the water. The scenery here is as beautiful as a painting. The Folk Custom Village, the Frontier Trade Market, the Great Wall Museum and the Food Street are going to be built here. Approved by the country, people are restoring the Great Wall o­n the Tiger Mountain and have completed over 730 meters’ long. Before long, the riverside sightseeing road will lead to the Tiger Mountain Scenic Spot directly. It will o­nly take people about ten minutes to arrive there. The Tiger Mountain in the future will be deep in visitors’ good graces as a tourist area where people can go sight-seeing, entertain themselves, spend their holidays and make scientific researches.

The Great Wall on Tiger Mountain Tickets

The Great Wall o­n Tiger Mountain Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: CNY 15
Opening hours: all day

The Great Wall on Tiger Mountain Transporation

bus 15, or the bus from Dandong to Kuandian

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