Meiling Mountain Scenic Area

Meiling Mountain Scenic Area

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Meiling Mountain Scenic Area

Introduction: IntroductionMeiling is 15 kilometers west of Nanchang City, is located in the flying mountain,..

Tickets:Meiling Mountain Scenic Area  Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: 20 yuanOpening hours: all

Travel Tips:TipsNanchang falls within subtropical humid monsoonal climate, the temperature is mild and warm..

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Meiling Mountain Scenic Area Introduction

Meiling is 15 kilometers west of Nanchang City, is located in the flying mountain, the biggest hill of south of Yangtze River.. In the early years it was well-known for producing a special variety of bananas; witch is marked by its firm texture and low moisture-content, earning Meiling its former name, Banana Mountain.
There are a lot of mountains in the Meiling full of plum blossoms and bamboos. Not o­nly beautiful scenery is distributing everywhere, but also temples are standing like a forest.After Meifu, the famous people such as Gehong in West Jin Dynasty, Guanxiu in Tang Dyansty and Qiji in Five General Dynasty all o­nce came here to live in seclusion.
The Hongya Danjing and the Xishan Jicui have already been the famous sites that the scholars praised. The hill is lofty, the scenery is beautiful and the climate is pleasant. It is called Small Lushan Mountain for its lofty hill, deep valley, winding stream, abrupt rocks, hovering cloud and mist and the charming scenery.

Meiling Mountain Scenic Area Features

There are about o­ne hundred hills o­n Meiling. There are Xiyao House, the Luohan Hill, the Lion Peak, the Ziyang Hill, the Wind and Rain Pond, the Red Hill, the Yingfeng Cheng, the Long Hill the Willow Jian and etc. Among them, the Hongya Danjing and the Xishan Jicui have already list into ten good scenic spots in ancient Jiangxi.
Meiling is o­ne of holy lands of Buddhism and Taoism, has 136 temples and Taoist altars. The Taoists called the Meiling as the 12th Cave. The most famous is the Cuiyan Temple. Originally there was a copper statue of Sakyamuni with the height of 5 meters in this temple, very famous. There are still the Xiangcheng Temple, the Yuntang Temple, the Dragon Temple, the Yunxi Temple, the Peace Guan, the Xuzhen Guan, the Ziyang Palace and so forth.

Meiling Mountain Scenic Area Tickets

Meiling Mountain Scenic Area  Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 20 yuan
Opening hours: all day long

Meiling Mountain Scenic Area Transporation

bus219,222,240,112 could take you here.

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