Five Fingers Peak

Five Fingers Peak

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Five Fingers Peak

Introduction: IntroductionIt is 6 kilometers away from the northwest of Ciping and 1,586 meters high above t..

Tickets:Five Fingers Peak Fee and Opening HoursAdmission: 20 yuanOpening Hours: all day long

Travel Tips:Tips1.You had better ware sports shoes, it is more comfortable. 2.Please keep the environment..

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Five Fingers Peak Introduction

It is 6 kilometers away from the northwest of Ciping and 1,586 meters high above the sea level, which combines natural sceneries with humane and cultural landscapes. As a deep and pretty aboriginal tourism scenery with mountains, water, forests, caves, birds and beasts, it has overlapping ridges and peaks, crisscross ravines, merging cliffside falls, and abundant animals and plants.
Five-Finger Peak is the symbol of Jingganshan and is pictured o­n the back of the 100-yuan banknote and the souvenir badge. It has high mountains, dense forests and a wide range of area. There are caves all the mountains, where was always the hiding-place for military strategists.

Five Fingers Peak Features

In June 1519, when King Ning Zhu Chenhao failed in the insurgence in Nanchang, he was committed suicide by Emperor Wuzong. Zhu Chenhao refused to accept it, and escaped with his families and servants to the Main Peak of Jinggang Mountains, and was annihilated by Wang Yangming afterwards. Wang inscribed the history of suppressing bandits o­n a stele, which hasn't been discovered till now. During Tongzhi years in Qing Dynasty, after the failure of the Taiping rebellion, another part of the Nian army transferred to Five-Finger Peak for further struggle. The Taiping army lived in the Goddess Shrine o­n the top of the middle finger peak of Five-Finger Peak and the rock hole o­n the thumb peak. The Goddess Shrine was build during Renzong years in Qing Dynasty. It was very large and had attracted a large number of pilgrims perennially. Afterwards, the shrine was burnt by Qing army except for o­ne stone carved incense burner. For the convenience of inserting joss sticks, the followers moved the burner from the ground to o­ne crotch of tree. After a considerable period of time, the burner had been embedded in the tree forming the landscape of tree encircling burner. Since then, the thumb peak has been renamed Burner Peak and the rock hole o­n the thumb peak has been called Tianjun Hole. Afterwards, the head of Lulin army o­n Shiju Mountains, Wang Zuo, lived in the hole to assemble armed forces, so Tianjun Hole was also called Lulin Hole.
On Oct 24th 1927, the Autumn Harvest Uprising troops, commanded by Mao Zedong, passed by Five-Finger Peak and came to Dajing Village. Since then, they came into the struggle o­n Jinggang Mountains.

Five Fingers Peak Tickets

Five Fingers Peak Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: 20 yuan
Opening Hours: all day long

Five Fingers Peak Transporation

There are several tour buses from Ciping to Ji'an and Nanchang everyday.

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