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Hanpo Pass

Introduction: IntroductionFrom this mountain pass overlooking the vast and misty Poyang Lake, visitors can s..

Tickets:Hanpo Pass Fee and Opening HoursLushan mountain: 180yuan (include Wulaofeng, Huajing, Jinxiugu..

Travel Tips:Tips 1.Most tourists put up in Guling Town, which has over 150 hotels and inns. Ten of them ..

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Hanpo Pass Introduction

From this mountain pass overlooking the vast and misty Poyang Lake, visitors can see the junk-dotted lake blending with the sky and the towering Hanyang and Litoujian peaks shrouded in clouds and mist an unforgettable landscape of lake and mountain. Three Precious Trees (Sanbaoshu) and Dragon Pools (Longtan)
The three trees, o­ne gingko and two Chinese cryptomerias, are all over five hundred yeara old. Beside them is a rock called Xianglongshi, meaning "subduing dragons." The two pools are called Yellow Dragon Pool (Huanglongtan) and Black Dragon Pool (Wulongtan). According to legend, there was a dragon living in each pool, and they used to fight each other, playing havoc with trees and flowers, until eventually they were subdued by monks.

Hanpo Pass Features

The mouth-like valley stands in the place where Five-Old -Man peaks and Hanyang peaks meet. The valley gained the name because it is like a mouth to exhaust vast lake water . Mountain range stone workshop includes Han Po pavilion , Wangpo pavilion, which are in harmony with the spectacle of the lakes and mountains.

Hanpo Pass Tickets

Hanpo Pass Fee and Opening Hours
Lushan mountain: 180yuan (include Wulaofeng, Huajing, Jinxiugu, Xianrendong, Datianchi, Longshouya, Lulinhu, Hanpokou, Botanical garden)
Opening hours: 7:30-18:00 (May 1 to Oct. 7)  8:00-17:30 (Oct.8-April 30)

Hanpo Pass Transporation

You could take No.2 bus to Lushan, and then walk to the scenic area.

The Best Hotels in Hanpo Pass

  • Xiadu Hotel

    Xiadu Hotel

    Three-star LushanGuling Town Price:-

    The Xiadu Hotel (Lushan Xiadu Binguan) is an international hotel near Lushan Amusement City and the Tour Bus Center. Visitors interested in seeing sights along Guling Street will find it ..

  • Luqin Villa

    Luqin Villa

    Two-star or Less LushanGuling Town Price:-

    The Luqin Villa (Lushan Luqin Shanzhuang) is a garden villa tourist hotel located in close proximity to Lushan's Guling Street and the Ruqin Lake.This Lushan hotel overlooks the lake and ..

  • Jingong Hotel

    Jingong Hotel

    Two-star or Less LushanGuling Town Price:-

    The Gold Palace Mountain Villa (Lushan Jingong Shanzhuang), lies in Mount Lushan's east valley an area known as a "natural oxygen bar." Green hills encircle the villa on four sides, a..

  • Broadcaster ShengBing Hotel Lushan Retreat

    Broadcaster ShengBing Hotel Lushan Retreat

    Two-star or Less Lushan Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

  • Jiangxi Tlanmu Lushan Hot Spring Resort Area

    Jiangxi Tlanmu Lushan Hot Spring Resort Area

    Four-star Lushan Price:-

    The Jiangxi Tlanmu Lushan Hot Spring Resort Area (Tianmu Jiangxi Lushan Wenquan Dujiacun) is located in Wenquan, conveniently near to a host of major transport arteries such as the Lusha..

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