The Brocade Valley

The Brocade Valley

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The Brocade Valley

Introduction: IntroductionIn this deep and sudden valley, flowers are always in full bloom ,which are so bri..

Tickets:Fee and Opening Hours:Lushan mountain: 180yuan (include Wulaofeng, Huajing, Jinxiugu, Xianrend..

Travel Tips:Tips 1.Most tourists put up in Guling Town, which has over 150 hotels and inns. Ten of them ..

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The Brocade Valley Introduction

In this deep and sudden valley, flowers are always in full bloom ,which are so brilliant that people call them brocade. The monk "huiyuan"gathered medicinal herbs in this valley far the Jin Dynasty according to legend. Here, we have overline bridge, head-like stone, and beautiful peaks.

The Brocade Valley Features

There is a legend. At beginning of Zhou Dynasty ( about 17 or 16 century B.C.), or someone says it happened in King Zhoulie Period (about 4th century), there was a person named kuangsu. He practiced austerities in Mount Lushan. It is said that kuangsu's style name was "Junshao", some books call him "Kuangyu" or "Kuangxu", and style name was "Zixiao", but "Yu" sounds more reasonable by the look of China's traditional name and antithetical couplet justice of the word, so "Su"and"Xu" was the device sound of his name by rumors. But name that spread generally to claim it is "Su", and very few people know the name "Yu" now. For being convenient, here we follow the call which people know well. In addition, people claim "Kuangsu" as "Lusu" because of the famous mountain. Regard name of the place as surname also accord with the ancient convention . As for he exact surname, we need not investigate, and have record to investigate. It is said Kuangsu is practicing austerities in Mount Lushan was learnt by imperial court. Then the emperor invited him to come out of retirement and take up an official post to aid time and again, but Kuanhsu refused the invitation time and again by Slipping into the remote mountains. Later, Kuangsu diappeared without a trace. Someone says that he has gone to become the celestial being. This is a baseless gossip naturally. Later o­n people beautified story of Kuangsu, and called the place where he stayed "the immortal's hut", and name of Mount Lushan come out. Also people name Lushan after Kuangsu's surname as "kuangshan". Arrived Song dynasty, for avoiding using the same word as the name of Song emperor, people renamed it "kangshan".

The Brocade Valley Tickets

Fee and Opening Hours:
Lushan mountain: 180yuan (include Wulaofeng, Huajing, Jinxiugu, Xianrendong, Datianchi, Longshouya, Lulinhu, Hanpokou, Botanical garden), 135 yuan for the student ID holders.
Opening hours: 7:30-18:00 (May 1 to Oct. 7)  8:00-17:30 (Oct.8-April 30)

The Brocade Valley Transporation

You could take No.2  bus to Lushan, and then walk to the scenic area.

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