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Introduction: Introduction Junshan  is located in the East Dongting Lake, 12 kilometers southwest from ..

Tickets:Jun mountain fee and opening hourTicket :60 yuanOpening Hour: 8:00—16:00

Travel Tips:Tips Junshan entertainment project: lake tour, seek out the traces of the monkey hole, watch ..

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Junshan Introduction

Junshan  is located in the East Dongting Lake, 12 kilometers southwest from Yueyang city. It faces the famous ancient building. Junshan is situated in the key position o­n the center section of the traveling route of Three Gorges of Yangtze River.This island'ss area is not even sufficiently 100 hectares.
The original name is Dongfu Shan, meaning mansion of the cave  It composed of 72 peaks with 36 pavilions and 48 temples o­n the island. The scenic area includes the Cishi Tower, Jindaiwen Temple, Lu Lu Tomb, Huanggai Lake, Three-Kingdom Ancient Battlefields and so o­n.
The sandbank of shallow water surrounding Junshan Island was developed into swimming, bathing, hydroplane and fishing and so o­n activities area. Junshan is also rich in zoology and botany resources. The culture of Junshan is rich and the history is well-established.
Yueyang is located o­n the bank of Dongting Lake and falls within northern subtropical monsoon climate with long warm period, short freeze-up and rich rainfalls; 4 distinct seasons with sunlight of 1792 hours and frost-free period of 277 days. The annul average temperature is 16.9℃.The best travel time is May to October.

Junshan Features

  Famous scenic spots o­n the island include the Wine Flavour Pavilion where Emperor Hanwu fetched wine; the Liu Yi Well described in the history of a love story; and the Xiangfei Clan Temple in memory of two wives of Emperor Wudi.
Liuyi well: Junshan island was fulfilled with love stories. The Liu Yi well with the twin pavilions is just o­ne of the long last evidence of love affairs. In Tang Dynasty, a student name Liu Yi failed a state exam. o­n his way home, Liu Yi met a pretty girl who was the daughter of Dongting Lake Dragon. Their love story turned out a cheerless tale since the Dragon father refused to accept him. The two lovers had to mysteriously communicate with each other through the well.
Since the Yao lady, Junshan has acquired fame with the history reaching over 4,000 years. Most poets and writers from previous dynasties ascended Junshan before to get a broader view of Junshan. They took in all the beautiful scenery and expressed their feelings and left behind innumerable eternity poetic creations. The Junshan humanities backgrounds are broad and profound.
 Erfeimu :It is a fable that Dongting Shan floats o­n the water, Emperor Shun's two imperial concubines E Huang and Nvying were buried here, named as Xiangjun and Madam. The posterity changes the name to Junshan because of it.

Junshan Tickets

Jun mountain fee and opening hour
Ticket :60 yuan
Opening Hour: 8:00—16:00

Junshan Transporation

You can get to Junshan Scenic spot by travel bus NO.15. o­ne-way ticket: 5yuan/per
Or you can take the travel boat from Yueyang Pavilion dock or Nanyuepo dock. round-trip ticket: 60yuan/per

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