Tongjun Hill

Tongjun Hill

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Tongjun Hill

Introduction: IntroductionAt the confulence of the Fuehun River and Fenshui River stands Tongjun Hill named a..

Tickets:Tongjun Hill Fee and Opening hoursAdmission 40yuan adult, 20yuan childOpening hours 7:00-

Travel Tips:Tips1.No fire no smoking in the resort. 2.You had better ware sports shoes, it is more comfo..

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Tongjun Hill Introduction

At the confulence of the Fuehun River and Fenshui River stands Tongjun Hill named after all aged herbalist in ancient times.It is a beautiful hill with an old pagoda o­n itst temple and the teahouse have beth been renovated.Looking out over the sail-dotted rivers from this tranquil hill is all experience mtlikely to forget. Collection Hill-sailing and Qili Tonglu County, separated o­nly by a strip of water.Typical similar to the United States if Cui.The ancients called "floating Yushan," "Small Jinshan."Originator of attraction for Chinese medicine.Ye Qianyu collecting a foothills home.Let history show Qilichuan famous "Yanling eight famous scenic spots," o­ne of the exquisite landscape also back the golden days of the past.

Tongjun Hill Features

Tongjun Hill stands 60--odd meters high across the Fuchun Rver from the seat of Tonglu County. The hill was named after an aged herbalist who was said to have gathered medicinal herbs here in ancient times. People esteem him as the Chinese pharmacological originator because he was very knowledgeable about herbs, cured many people with them and wrote a book to teach later generations how to use them. From Tongjun Temple and Tongjunshan Pagoda atop the hill and from other historic relics, a panoramic view of the charming Fuchun River is commanded

Tongjun Hill Tickets

Tongjun Hill Fee and Opening hours
Admission 40yuan adult, 20yuan child
Opening hours 7:00-18:30

Tongjun Hill Transporation

There no bus goes to the resort directly, you can go by Taxi or rent a car.

The Best Hotels in Tongjun Hill

  • Fuchun Resort

    Fuchun Resort

    Two-star or Less Tonglu Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay. 

  • WHWH (Tonglu Hotel)

    WHWH (Tonglu Hotel)

    Two-star or Less TongluCity Center Price:-

    The WHWH (Tonglu Hotel) is located in Tonglu County's Xincheng District. Readily accessible from the hotel are a variety of scenic spots including Tongjun Shan, Daqi Shan, Yaolin fairy..

  • Tonglu Traveller Hotel

    Tonglu Traveller Hotel

    Two-star or Less Tonglu Price:-

    Tonglu Traveller Hotel Tonglu Fuchun is located in Tonglu County, just a ten-minute drive from the long-distance bus station.Guests can choose from the hotel's king rooms, standard roo..

  • macros Hotel

    macros Hotel

    Two-star or Less Tonglu Price:-


  • Barbizon Vacation Resort

    Barbizon Vacation Resort

    Four-star TongluCity Center Price:-

    The Barbizon Vacation Resort (Tonglu Babisong Mile Zhuangyuan) is a French-style vacation resort located near the Tonglu Daqishan national forest park, about 1 kilometer from the Hangqian..

Tongjun Hill Hotels

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