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Xianheng Restaurant

Introduction: IntroductionXianheng Restaurant is known from Luxun’s stories. Such as o­ne of Lu Xun..

Tickets:Xianheng Restaurant Fee and opening hours Admission freeOpening hours 8:00-17:00

Travel Tips:Tips1.Shaoxing rice wine, this beverage is made from glutinous rice and distilled to a low-alc..

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Xianheng Restaurant Introduction

Xianheng Restaurant is known from Luxun’s stories. Such as o­ne of Lu Xun's short stories examines the decline of the scholarly class, with Kong Yiji, a failed academic and successful alcoholic. Whenever this character scrounged together another money, he would visit a small restaurant called Xianheng for a cup of wine and a dish of boiled beans. Lu Xun set his story in Shaoxing and based Xianheng o­n the restaurants in this hometown of his. Not long after the story was published, a real Xianheng opened its doors and cashed in o­n some great free publicity. Today this restaurant retains its turn-of-the-century atmosphere – everything has been preserved, from the furniture and décor right down to the recipes. Many visiting tourists enjoy a meal and a bottle of Shaoxing wine at this restaurant, whereas locals claim that everyone in Shaoxing has eaten here at least o­nce.

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Shaoxing is not o­nly a peaceful place where you can escape the frantic city life, but also a place of many culinary delights, which reflect the agricultural richness along the Yangtze River. Food in Shaoxing also takes advantage of the famous local rice wine, which gives many of the dishes a distinct aroma. Shaoxing meigancai is made from preserved cabbage or mustard greens, and is usually served as a side dish. Meat stew with preserved vegetables is o­ne of Shaoxing's better-known traditional dishes, while Shaoxing preserved tofu marinades bean curd in Shaoxing wine, to give a mellow flavor. Steamed mandarin fish with Shaoxing wine is a delicious local specialty, and fried Shaoxing stinky tofu tastes much better than it sounds or smells, particularly when deep-fried.

Xianheng Restaurant Tickets

Xianheng Restaurant Fee and opening hours
Admission free
Opening hours 8:00-17:00

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Bus 9,32 from passengers center- Luxun road; Xianhengjiudian train-bus 2,4,7- luxunroad
Car: Zhongxinroad

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