Hall of Shaoxing Shiye

Hall of Shaoxing Shiye

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Hall of Shaoxing Shiye

Introduction: Introduction“Hall of Shaoxing Shiye(a post name in the feudal society)”, political consultant..

Tickets:Hall of Shaoxing Shiye Fee and opening hoursAdmission 20yuanOpening hours 8:00-17:00

Travel Tips:Tips1.You had better ware sports shoes, it is more comfortable. 2.Please keep the environment..

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Hall of Shaoxing Shiye Introduction

“Hall of Shaoxing Shiye(a post name in the feudal society)”, political consultants who voiced their opinions forthrightly. there are obvious goods in the hall, such as Taishi chair, it looks like the chair sitting for chairman of a town, it means Shiye like to sit the chair as the chairman used. A part of desk hiding under the cover of desk, it shows Shiye is sensitive and scheming.
In Shaoxing from March to April is the mild days of spring and the rush season of tourism. From the last ten-day of June to the early of July is the rain season, the middle ten-day of August is the rush season of typhoon with heaven rain, if you tour Shaoxing in this season you’d better carry an umbrella. From September to October is cold season, you’d better prepare more clothes.

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Since 1994, the research o­n Mu-fu in the late Qing Dynasty has made great progress in a number of aspects. For example, a large number of books have been published (averagely, o­ne monograph a year) the research area has been expanded; the macro-research has been strengthened; notable research achievements about Mu-fu and Shaoxing-shiye have been made; and research methods, angles and materials have been developed. However, under this good situation, problems can still be pinpointed. For example, the depth of macro-research is not satisfactory and the findings not substantial; overlapping in topics is frequently met; and the research space is not extensive and new materials not abundant. A review of the over 10-year research work in this area is to stimulate the development of research about Mu-fu.

Hall of Shaoxing Shiye Tickets

Hall of Shaoxing Shiye Fee and opening hours
Admission 20yuan
Opening hours 8:00-17:00

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Bus1 –Donghu, bus2- Dayuling Xianglufeng, bus4-Mushan-bus14-Xunxi, bus7,10 1yuan

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