Yongtai Qingyun Mountain

Yongtai Qingyun Mountain

Yongtai Qingyun Mountain Pictures Gallery

Yongtai Qingyun Mountain

Introduction: Introduction Located in Linglu Town and Chixi Town of Yongtai County, this national AAAA sceni..

Tickets:Fee and Opening Hour:Rush season (May to October): Valley and Waterfall Scenic Spot: ¥25,Wh..

Travel Tips:Tips Fuzhou dishes are  representative of Min Cuisine that is very much a feature of Fuj..

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Yongtai Qingyun Mountain Introduction

Located in Linglu Town and Chixi Town of Yongtai County, this national AAAA scenic zone and national key scenic resort is about 13 kilometers from Yongtai County and 75 kilometers from Fuzhou City. This scenic zone covers a planned area of 52.5 square kilometers and is distributed with 7 1000- kilometer tall peaks and 9 canyons and rivers.
Qingyun Mount is located in the tropical zone of Central Asia. Featuring a warm climate and diversified forest plants, the mountain grows 183 families, 667 genus and 1,295 species, including thousands of plant species under first-class state protection (such as yew), 18 species of plants under second-class state protection (such as tree-fern), 36 species of arethusa plants and 233 species of vines. There are 216 species of spinal animals out of 61 families, including over 200 macaques (4 groups) under second-class state protection. The relic of Xiao Guoliang, the Number o­ne Scholar of the Southern Song Dynasty, is also well protected.
The main spectacles include: corridor of cloud, sky and stone, fire and smoke waterfall, stone dragon waterfall, prince waterfall, down ocean waterfall, cane hill grassland ,zhuangyuan hole, red army hole, three large heaven ponds, eight big canyons, eighteen -stream winding stone woods. It is divided into four scenic areas: stone corridor canyon scenic area, white horse canyon scenic area, Jiutian canyon scenic area andSshaluo canyon scenic spot.
The best season to visit Qingyun Mountain is winter, by then the sun is bright, trees are green, you can enjoy the southland scenery, especially for the northern visitors.

Yongtai Qingyun Mountain Features

The scenic spot is covered with high mountains and luxuriant forests, with faintly recognizable clouds and fogs. There are many unique rocks and profound valleys with blue springs and flying waterfall as well.
In the Song Dynasty, Xiao Guoliang, a scholar used to study hard o­n the mountain, and got number o­ne during the official examination in Beijing, and was promoted from then o­n, becoming the first Number o­ne Scholar in Yongtai, therefore, the mountain got its name “Qingyun”, meaning climbing up to the sky.
White horse canyon scenic area is marked by waterfall, canyon and cliff. There is heavy water and thick fog in dragon and turtle deep pool waterfall, prince waterfall, down ocean waterfall and white horse waterfall. The spectacle is very magnificent. The eight valleys of black dragon valley, no-name valley, double-stream valley, prince valley, echo valley, white horse valley, heaven gate valley, smooth valley have their respective features and endless wonders. The rock figures of stone woods at carp rock, prince summit, Bajie rock, white horse summit are all true to life.
Stone corridor canyon scenic area gained its name due to its canyons and stone corridors. The corridor of cloud, sky and stone is the main spectacle of Stone corridor canyon scenic area. It is situated near the top of Qingyun apex with another name “corridor of climbing to the sky”. It is four long-shaped aisles formed by hard and soft rock layer after decency. You can take a far-away look and nearby look as well.

Yongtai Qingyun Mountain Tickets

Fee and Opening Hour:
Rush season (May to October): Valley and Waterfall Scenic Spot: ¥25,White Horse Double Brooks Scenic Spot: ¥25, Waterfall Cave Scenic Spot: ¥25, Yuntianshi Gallery Scenic Spot: ¥20, Shen Valley Scenic Spot: ¥20.
Low season (Noverber to April): Valley and Waterfall Scenic Spot: ¥20, White Horse Double Brooks Scenic Spot: ¥20, Waterfall Cave Scenic Spot: ¥20, Yuntianshi Gallery Scenic Spot: ¥15, Shen Valley Scenic Spot: ¥15.
Open Time:8:00-18:00

Yongtai Qingyun Mountain Transporation

get there:
1. to get to Yongtai,you can take the tourist special line bus at the parking lot that is in northern end of Guangda road at west side of Holiday Fuzhou Wuyi Plaza, or you can take the regular bus service to arrive at Yongtai bus station at Fuzhou west passenger depot or northern bus station. From there, you can take the bus to get to the four scenic spots of Qingyun Mountain.
2. take the special taxies to Yongtai county, the ticket price is20yuan per person, then take the mini-bus to the four scenic spots to Qingyun Mountain.
Go around:
Take the tourist bus line from the parking lot in Guangda Road north section and get to Yngtai, and take the bus to Qingyun Mountain.

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