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Youshui River

Introduction: Youyang CountyYoushuiRiver is located in the eastern part of Hubei ProvinceXuan'en Countyor..

Tickets:YoushuiRiver Transport: Chongqing Caiyuanba sent to the bus station every day youyang shuttle, ..

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Youshui River Introduction

Youyang CountyYoushuiRiver is located in the eastern part of Hubei ProvinceXuan'en Countyoriginated from Youyang Daxi, you pay, after the town by the river three Xiushan drifted into the Yuanjiang, after flowing into Dongting Lake. Youyang the territory of a total length of 81 kilometers, with an average width of about 12.5 meters. Coastal settlements areTuchia nationality personis the cradle of Tujia.

Picturesque RiverYoushuiof "Yu-southeast of the small Guilin" laudatory title, Beacon Hill silver lam Beach, Sango Qingjiang Yamashita flow, high monument Sunset Fisherman drunk, Yudai mountains make hi mad. Riparian bright spring flowers, summer greenVerdant green, Qiu-Feng Fei Xia, Dongxue Jingying, accompanied by tit-noise move Maemi blast,Reallypleasant. Quaint rows of Pterocarya vigorous, o­ne out of phosphorus than the Diaojiaolou Chlamys times, o­ne after another melodious Leaves sultry love songs, a historical routeBlue flagstoneTunnel Road, echoed the endless beside the Tujia people forget.

Youshui River Features

Customs 10,000 kinds ofYoushuiRiver, like the soil came from the ancient home sister, Hill gave her pure, waterAttractivegive her, then goes back to ancient times of national culture and flavor of Baishou Church, melodious sounds of folk songs, folk songs, wood Ye love songs, old Yang drama, Nuo opera, colorful ethnic festivals, strange mysterious ethnic customs, unique food culture of the people, without exception, to disseminate a unique national flavor.

According to research, Tujia is a Palestinian, Palestinian anti-Chu, the tragic and Tujia Haofang's ancestors are from ShunYoushuiRiver in Hubei Province and under the long-distance movement. This broad valley see the fish swim show, the two sides towering old trees, wild animals and stop groups, in this settlement, to fishing, salt traders, hunting for their livelihood, with the local Gelao and Miao ethnic brothers learned how to work together farming, in the RiverYoushuithriving, it is these hard-working, courageous, honest and simpleTuchia nationality person, creating a unique culture of the Tujia.

Clean theYoushuiRiver, which nurtures and nourishes theTuchia nationality person.YoushuiRiver after the river town has preserved several hundred years of history Baishou together whenever Tujia traditional village festivals and weddings and funerals, and religious and other major activities,Tuchia nationality personwill ignite Baishou raging bonfire outside the church, singing through the night , jump to show our ancestors were Tujia work, life, hunting, warfare, etc. Baishou dance scene; performance "lantern four Kok, clown andActor, Joy to sing, dance people and filial."Playing an out-of-character rolerole of men and women play makeup lanterns, reflecting Tujia and beliefs totem-yang drama, Nuo opera and so o­n; weddings marriage marry cry jump funeral, vividly embodies the Tujia "prepare for a happy occasion to cry, laugh funerals" folk characteristics. Here are the traditional Tujia folk songs, Minor, No. son, Leaves love songs as if he Teana, rough bold. Each song has been documented in a beautiful legend, described in a touching story. InYoushuiRiver,Tuchia nationality personbowl drinking wine, eating a large meat, sweet-smelling oil tasting tea, cooking oilIncitesoil incenseCake, polished white riceTendertofu, has a unique fragrance attractive food culture.

Youshui River Tickets

YoushuiRiver Transport: Chongqing Caiyuanba sent to the bus station every day youyang shuttle, the journey of 12 hours, the bus station to the various scenic spots youyang car lot. Youyang the traffic is very convenient, there are full 1 yuan money bus lines 13 and the starting price of 3 yuan money, more than 300 taxi cars.

YoushuiRiver Accommodation: Unitary State of the hotel: located in the county seat of the Unitary State of the Peach Blossom Spring Street Guest House, adjacent to beautiful scenery of the Great Land of Peach Blossoms Unitary hole tourist area, is a food and beverage, accommodation, conference and entertainment integrated services private hotels, Yu is also the o­nly south-east, a private-owned hotel.

Chic and elegant hotel decoration, the environment elegant and comfortable, equipped with high, medium and low-grade Room 58 (sets), a total of 120 beds; the size of various styles with a restaurant, lounge, between Accor. Elegant and beautiful environment, clean and comfortable room, with a unique local flavor dishes, especially the high quality service but also Chinese and foreign guests feel at home.

Youshui River Transporation

YoushuiRiver, is the mother river of the Tujia. Is a beautiful natural scenery has given birth to a unique culture, where the traces of history can touch, you can listen to the ancientSound of the sounds of nature.

RiverYoushuithe best travel time: spring, summer,

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