Kaiyuan temple (Iron Buddha temple)

Kaiyuan temple (Iron Buddha temple)

Kaiyuan temple (Iron Buddha temple) Pictures Gallery

Kaiyuan temple (Iron Buddha temple)

Introduction: IntroductionLocated in the yard of Drum Tower District, Kaiyuan Temple was built in the third ..

Tickets:Fee and Opening Hour You don not need to buy a ticket to enter the temple. You can just..

Travel Tips:Tips 1.if you meet the monks in the temple, you must call them “shifu” or “fashi” polite..

Kaiyuan temple (Iron Buddha temple) Maps

Kaiyuan temple (Iron Buddha temple) Introduction

Located in the yard of Drum Tower District, Kaiyuan Temple was built in the third year of Emperor Tai Qing of the Nan Dynasty. It was initially named Dayun temple. At the beginning of Tang, it was called Longxing temple. In the year 738, xuangzong Li longji order to built a temple in each state, take the year as the name. So it is renamed Kaiyuan temple. It is the largest Buddhist Temple in Fuzhou; now about o­ne-tenth of its former size. 
  In the year 902, Ming king believes Buddhism, there were 3000 monks in the temple. In the year 928 , Ming king’s son wanglin called in 20000 monks. Afterwards, the temple has been burnt for sevel times. In 1797, it was repaired. Now there are palaces such as  iron buddha temple , Lingshan tang, Fohuashe and so o­n..
  There are many precious cultural relics in Kaiyuan temple. The sighbord “Kaiyuansi” at the temple entrance is writen by Ouyang who is a famous grapher in Tang Dynasty. 
The Linzhi (magic fungus) Hill, lotus pond, sutra hall, abstinence altar and pagoda compose this broad and peaceful Buddhist Hall, called Amitabha., It is 5.3 meters high and 4 meters wide. His two ears hang down to his shoulders, hands and feet crossed with a solemn image.In addition, Kaiyuan temple has 3 Song Dynasty stone cisterns , including o­ne made in 1108.
  It is hospitable in all seasons for travelers.

Kaiyuan temple (Iron Buddha temple) Features

It is the oldest Buddhist Temple in Fuzhou which has a history of 1500 years. It is Fujian province and Fuzhou city two level key cultural relic prisevation organ.
The Kaiyuan temple  has three claims to fame. o­ne, the Japanese revere Kaiyuan because Kukai, the founder of Japanese Buddhism, stayed here awhile before heading north in search of either enlightenment or longer lasting candles. Two, Kaiyuan has the largest cast iron Buddha in China. And three, the place is famous for its Fujian Buddhist Association Clinic, where Buddhist masters have long cured folks of everything from cancer to colic. o­ne pilgrim complained to me that the young monks aren’t so good at it, and are more concerned with mobile phones than mantras.
Existing construction: Waishan gate, Neishan gate, Lingyuange, Tiefodian, Bilucangjingge, Guanyinge, Simianfoge, Mingyang library, Baosong monk commemorate building, Tirun monk commemoration building, 108luohantang, Guanyinyuan, Chanyuezai, Cengliao. It organizes the Fujian province Buddhism culture research institute, the temple abbot is the Shibenxing master.

Kaiyuan temple (Iron Buddha temple) Tickets

Fee and Opening Hour
 You don not need to buy a ticket to enter the temple. You can just spend 3 Yuan to buy a bunch of incense to worship the Buddha.

Kaiyuan temple (Iron Buddha temple) Transporation

You can go there by No.19 public bus.

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