Wuling Mountain

Wuling Mountain

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Wuling Mountain

Introduction: Wuling Mountain is rich in natural resources and excellent natural environment, its water into ..

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Wuling Mountain Introduction

Wuling Mountain is rich in natural resources and excellent natural environment, its water into the Panjiakou Reservoir East, the West into the Miyun Reservoir. Scenic north-south flow convergence zone, rainfall, cool climate and annual average temperature 7.6 ℃, the highest in summer temperature 28 ℃.

Wuling Mountain Features

Jingcheng Wuling Mountain is a tourist line of green pearl, not o­nly rich in animal and plant resources, as well as magnificent natural scenery, long history and more, as the Qing Dynasty royal feng shui forbidden, sealed up to 260 years. Wuling Mountain with its stunning scenery, complete natural ecosystems, known as "Jingdong first mountains."

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Wuling Mountain Transporation

Car park is divided into two forms: that can be group chartered to visit the park of the Park; can also take a sub-loop tour the park, in the three hundred homes, fairy tower, lotus pool, Longtan car park station license, from time to time and journey routes are three hundred homes - fairy tower - lotus pond, the summit - the pond - Longtan, visitors can stop sign at the time, the best route organize their tour itinerary. Wuling Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Xinglong County of Chengde City, northwest pericyclic Beijing, Tianjin, Cheng, Tang, Qin five cities, the traffic is very convenient. Wuling Mountain to the peak of Yanshan Mountain, elevation 2118 meters. Park, a total area of 14.4 thousand hectares, forest coverage rate of 76.2%, is a national nature reserve, the provincial forest parks. Park Most of the peaks above 1,500 meters above sea level in the main landscape fairy tower, lotus pool, crooked peach peak, seven wells, Longtan waterfall, stone Wulingbitong words.

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Wuling Mountain Hotels

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