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Small South Sea

Introduction: Introduction Small South Sea, the former Small Ying Sea is located between Houba Town and Nanh..

Tickets:Small south sea fee and opening hourTicket: 35 yuanOpening hour: unknown

Travel Tips:Tips 1.You’d better not wear plastic shoes, slippers or leather shoes to climb the mountain...

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Small South Sea Introduction

Small South Sea, the former Small Ying Sea is located between Houba Town and Nanhai Town, Qianjiang County, Chongqing City, 32 kilometers north from the county, is a high mountain lake that combing hill, sea, island and gorge as a whole, is also a well-kept old earthquake ruin of China. The water level is 370.5 meters high and covers an area of 2.87 square kilometers. The cliff produced by the earthquake in ancient times can be seen clearly. The huge rocks spread anywhere, with the diameter of o­ne to five meters. The dam is 1,170 meters from south to north, 67.5 meters high.

Elegant hills surround the sea and odd rocks stands in the mouth of the sea. There are bamboos in the island. The scenery in four seasons is different but attractive and also multivariate.
Chongqing is misty all year round but has little snow and frost, the winter is warm, the summer is hot, the spring comes early and the autumn is short. It has abundant rainfall, especially at the transitional period of spring and summer, the annual average temperature is about 18℃ and the best travel time is the high water period of the Yangtze River.

Small South Sea Features

Small South Sea is the national well-kept earthquake lake has much research value. The island and surroundings is a natural animal and plant garden. It has rich forest resources, including metasequoias, cedars and gingkoes and so o­n, altogether over 140 types of trees, tigers, oryxes and so o­n and over 50 kinds of fish, is o­ne of eight fisheries of Sichuan. So it has wide integrated development value.
Niubie Island:
The most beautiful and biggest island is Niubei Island in three islands of south sea. It is not o­nly because it produces many beautiful folktales and legends, but also because it is natural and calm. There are group of monkeys, muskiness garden, chickens, dogs, pigs, goats and bamboo tower in the island. The back Daoqian Creek is not wide, but very deep and cuts off the connection of island and land. The other side is the cliff and rocks that staring at the huge ox.

Small South Sea Tickets

Small south sea fee and opening hour
Ticket: 35 yuan
Opening hour: unknown

Small South Sea Transporation

Qianjiang is 330 kilometers from Chongqing City, about five hours’ distance pass through National Highway 319. Take coach at Qianjiang bus station for forty minutes, the price is ¥ 8 per person.

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