Pingxiang Friendship Pass

Pingxiang Friendship Pass

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Pingxiang Friendship Pass

Introduction: Introduction Friendship pass lies in the southwest of Pingxiang City that borders Vietnam, with..

Tickets:Friendship pass fee and opening hourTicket : 10 yuanOpening Hour: unknown

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Pingxiang Friendship Pass Introduction

Friendship pass lies in the southwest of Pingxiang City that borders Vietnam, with a distance of 18km from Pingxiang City and 180 Km from Henei(capital of Vietnam). It was an import strategies1 pass in the past. Friendship pass was first built in Han Dynasty, named Yongji Pass. In Ming dynasty the name was changed to Zhengnan Pass. Until 1903, it was destroyed and rebuilt any times. And the building in front of us was built in 1957. It has four floors, with a height of 22 meters and an area of 180 square metres.
     Among all the ports of trade and exchange between China and Vietnam, Youyiguan(Friendship Pass)in Pingxiang is the most important o­ne. o­nly 260 kilometers from Nanning to the southeast, it can be conveniently  reached either by bus or by train.Among all the ports of trade and exchange between China and Vietnam, Friendship Pass or Youyiguan in Chinese, is the most important o­ne. Friendship Pass, as o­ne of nine well-known passes in China, It is connected to Vietnamese road directly, so it is an important access to Vietnam and become the first-class national port.
Nanning belongs to humid subtropical monsoonal climate with abundant sunshine and rain. The temperature is mild, the summer is long and the winter is short with an average annual temperature of 21.6℃. All the year is the suitable time to travel.

Pingxiang Friendship Pass Features

The pass used to be called Zhennan(South Pacification)pass, and was o­ne of the nine important passes in ancient China. It was where the army of the Qing Dynasty won a great victory in the Sino-French War, and where Dr.Sun Yat-sen led an uprising against the Qing government.
   In March 1885,the French army launched an attack o­n China from Vietnam at the South Pacification Pass, General Feng Zicai, a native of Guangxi and commander of Qing army, routed the French army in a bloody battle.Abandoning7 their weapons and gear, the French fled helter-skelter out of the pass. Evidence of the battle can still be seen today. To show friendship and good neighborliness, the name of the pass was changed into South Befriending Pass and then into Friendship Pass.
Most of the battlements were installed for the purpose of defense against invasion of the French colonialist army  during the Qing dynasty. The most famous o­nes are those o­n Jinji(Golden Rooster)Mountain.
   Golden Rooster Mountain o­n the western side of the Friendship Pass rises 511 meters above sea level, and is a commanding height in this area. There are sheer cliffs11 o­n every side of this strategically12 situated mountain. The peaks of the mountain stand like the legs of a tripod, making the mountain easy to defend and difficult to attack. After the Sino-French War, the garrison general of the South Pacification Pass had a battlement built o­n each of the three peaks and named them the Central, South and North pacification battlements. Today, while the ancient battlements are still there, the mountain serves as a modern frontier guard post13, with radar antennae sweeping the sky day and night.

Pingxiang Friendship Pass Tickets

Friendship pass fee and opening hour
Ticket : 10 yuan
Opening Hour: unknown

Pingxiang Friendship Pass Transporation

Nanning to Pingxiang
By train
A morning train departs Nanning at 0758 and arrives in Pingxiang at 1140. o­n the return leg, it leaves Pingxiang at 1440 and arrives in Nanning at 1836. RMB 30 o­ne way. You can also take train from Guangzhou to Pingxiang.
 By bus
The new bus station in Nanning has frequent buses to Pingxiang. The trip takes around 3 hours and costs 42yuan.
Pingxiang to Friendship pass
There are not fixed buses from Pingxiang to Friendship pass, so you may rent a car to the scenic spot. It may take you about 40 minutes and 40 to 60 yuan.

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