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Sanjiang Dong Village

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Sanjiang Dong Village

Introduction: Introduction Sanjiang Dong Village is located o­n the border of Hunan, Guizhou and Guangxi..

Tickets:Sanjiang Dong Village Fee and Opening HourTicket :30 yuanOpening Hour: unknown

Travel Tips:Tips 1.You’d better not wear plastic shoes, slippers or leather shoes to climb the mountain...

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Sanjiang Dong Village Introduction

Sanjiang Dong Village is located o­n the border of Hunan, Guizhou and Guangxi Provinces. There are abundant folk wooden house of minorities by the rivers and rivulets. Those full traditional folk culture and mystery attracts a lot of attentions.
The main minority in Sanjiang Country is Dong minority peoples. Because of the out-standing and bright Dong minority characteristic and magnificent and beautiful natural scenery in Dong Village and various traditional festivals, Sanjiang has become the hotspot of folk culture and scenery touring. When you walk into Sanjiang Dong Minority Autonomous Country in Guangxi, you will notice not o­nly the full strange customs, but also the praising unique architecture style of Dong Minority.
Sanjiang Dong Minority Autonomous Country is in the sub-tropic wet climate area of Nanling Mountain, and is belonged to the Mountain and Valley climate area, with a lot of rain. It rains the same time with the hot weather, and the annual average temperature is 18.3 degree centigrade. The best time for touring is in the autumn.

Sanjiang Dong Village Features

When you walk into the Dong Village, you will notice firstly the unique-styled, precise-structured and magnificent Roofed Bridge and Drum Tower of Dong minority wherever you go. The largest and most typical are Chengyang Roofed Bridge and Mapang Drum Tower. Those unique architecture and the surrounding magnificent ruralities are in the harmony, and composing numbers of beautiful pictures.
Chengyang Roofed Bridge: It is totally made of wood with stagger wood but of no mistake. There are benches o­n the two side of the bridge, which are used for resting.
Mapang Drum Tower: The drum tower is square and divided into the body and cover. The whole drum tower is of precise structure and simple style.

Sanjiang Dong Village Tickets

Sanjiang Dong Village Fee and Opening Hour
Ticket :30 yuan
Opening Hour: unknown

Sanjiang Dong Village Transporation

Take the coach from Guilin to Longshen, which is at noon and takes 4 hours to Longsheng, with fare over 10yuan. Then take the coach from Longsheng to Sanjiang and it will take about 3hour with fare about 10yuan. There are coaches from Sanjiang to Chengyang with fare 3yuan. And taking the motorbike to Chengyang Roofed Bridge will cost 10yuan.

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