Liuhou ancestral temple

Liuhou ancestral temple

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Liuhou ancestral temple

Introduction: IntroductionThe ancestral temple of Liuhou is located in western of Liuhou Park which was const..

Tickets:Liuhou ancestral temple fee and opening hourTicket :30 yuanOpening Hour: 8:30 –17:00

Travel Tips:Tips 1. You’d better not wear plastic shoes, slippers or leather shoes to climb the mou..

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Liuhou ancestral temple Introduction

The ancestral temple of Liuhou is located in western of Liuhou Park which was constructed in 1906 for the purpose of commemorating Liu Zongyuan, governor of Liuzhou during the Tang Dynasty , at o­nce a renowned writer, thinker and politician.  It is o­ne of China’s AAAA tourist attractions with an area of 15.52 hectares. The Liuhou Memorial is simple but dignified with copper-liked statues of Liu Zongyuan and his followings in it. The exhibitions, charts, painting and calligraphy introduced the whole life and achievement of Liu Zongyuan detailedly.
The ancestral temple of Liuhou is a building with simple but elegant style, where the brass statues of Liu Zongyuan and his underlings were sculptured. This temple is also where the stone inscription of Dragon City was calligraphed by Liu Zongyuan, and where Liu Zongyuan's stories, Han Yu’s article, and Sushi's calligraphy have been assembled into o­ne magnificent and unique stele. Altogether here more than 40 other inscriptions are kept. Around the temple are historic sites such as Liu Zongyuan’s Cenotaph, Luochi (Luo Pool) and Ganxiang Pavilion (Orange Pavilion), etc.
Liuzhou City is in sub-tropic with clear four seasons. The climate is warm and it rains a lot. The annual average temperature is 20.5 degree centigrade. In spring it rains a lot and in summer it is often very hot, so the best time for travelling is the autumn.

Liuhou ancestral temple Features

Liu Zongyuan, styled Zihou (A.D773-819), was from Hedong (presently Yuxiang Town, Yongji City, Shanxi Province). He was a council of the Ministry of Rites in Dang Dynasty, he was demoted because he participated in the political reform and failed it and lived in Liuzhou in his old age (A.D 815-819). During his stay in Liuzhou, he did many good deeds beneficial to the people. So, 3 years after his death, Luo Pool Temple was built for holding memorial ceremony for him. Meanwhile, Song Huizong posthumously offered him as “Wenhui Marquis” at the late North Song Dynasty, so the temple to memorize Liu Zongyuan is called Marquis Liu Temple. The present Liuhou Temple is rebuilt according to the construction features of Qing Dynasty, many cultural relic and historical materials are displayed in the temple, which describe his biographical notes and political achievements.
Litchi Stele
Hanyu, an eminent writer in Tang Dynasty, had ever composed a poem in memory of Liu Zongyuan, which was copied and engraved in a stele by Su Dongpo of Song Dynasty, which has a history of over 700 years. The name of “Litchi Stele” comes from the line of “litchis red and bananas yellow”. Furthermore, since Hanyu, Su Dongpo and Liu Zongyuan are all members of “eight prose masters of the Tang-Song period”, gathering poem of Hanyu, handwriting of Su Dongpo and story of Liu Zongyuan, litchi stele has the fame of “three unique treasures”. Therefore, later generations also call this stele as San Jue (three unique treasures in Chinese) Stele.
There is a six-angled pavilion o­n the left of Marquis Liu Temple, next to Luo Pool, and this is Citrus Pavilion. In those years, Liu Zongyuan had ever planted yellow citrus here and composed “Poem of Planting Citrus”, which spread widely. Hence, people of later generations built this pavilion, green tiles blending into red poles, ornaments o­n the ridge highly sticking and elaborate windows decorated with beautiful flowers. The pavilion and sweet-scented osmanthus set each other off, which is considerably characteristic.

Liuhou ancestral temple Tickets

Liuhou ancestral temple fee and opening hour
Ticket :30 yuan
Opening Hour: 8:30 –17:00

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You can go there by public bus 2 ,6.

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