Rongshui Miao Stockaded Village

Rongshui Miao Stockaded Village

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Rongshui Miao Stockaded Village

Introduction: Introduction Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, which is the mere Miao minority county in Guangx..

Tickets:Tips 1.You’d better not wear plastic shoes, slippers or leather shoes to climb the mountain...

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Rongshui Miao Stockaded Village Introduction

Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, which is the mere Miao minority county in Guangxi, lis in the north of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, covering an area of 46,638 sq km with a population of 462,000. Rongshui has 4 towns, 17 townships and 205 villages under it administration. Rongshui is a county inhabited by multiple nationalities such as Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang, Han, Shui, Molao and so o­n. Among these nationalities, 71% are ethnic minorities and 38% of the total population are Miao minority.
The Lusheng Festival and the Gulongpo Festival are excellent opportunities to see the talented Miao singers and dancers. Tourists can now cruise the Beijiang River to admire the scenery along the shores, or become guests in the Miao villages of Goutan, Changlai and Luojiu.
Liuzhou enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate with moderate temperatures and abundant rainfall. The summers are long and hot, while the winters are short and not so cold.Visitors can enjoy a trip in Liuzhou in any season. Because it is often rainy, umbrellas and rain jackets are indispensable to visitors while traveling here.

Rongshui Miao Stockaded Village Features

Rongshui Miao Autonomous County attracts visitors with its charming natural scenery. The clear Bei River flows all the year round and the bamboo o­n the banks are green in four seasons. Changlai Miao Village, o­n the Bei River bank and 10 kilometers from the county seat, features Miao dance and reed-pipe tunes. The villagers always entertain their guests with unique local foods.
Rongshui Miao nationality is pregnant with many colorful nationality festivals in the long history, besides you can enjoy most wonderful Lusheng songs and beautiful Lusheng dance show at Miao villages in many Miao nationality festivals, you can experience pleasure of various festival activities.
The Miao ethnic group is famous for its many grand festivals. In Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, these celebrations include the drum festival, sowing festival, seedling festival and horse-fighting festivals. People can enjoy melodious music played o­n the "Lusheng", a reed-pipe wind instrument of the Miao people, and beautiful Lusheng dance performances. The hospitable Miao people are known to treat guests to a wide variety of local folk customs. While taking part in these activities, visitors can enjoy the colorful ribbons and painted eggshells used to decorate their surroundings.
originally, the mountainous area where Miao people currently live was sparsely populated and people were frequently attacked by wild beasts and burglars. In order to protect themselves from the evils, an old man created the image of “Mangge” who wore a mask and clothes made of Mang grass. o­n 17th January every year, “Mangge” penalizes and drives off the evils and brings people prosperity in the new year.
This is a simple, honest and hospitable homeland full of amorous feelings. Graceful interesting folk rhyme legends, bubbling with enthusiasm national festivals, unique national architectures and the national lives with different spirits compose a colorful folk custom cultural long gallery.

Rongshui Miao Stockaded Village Tickets

1.You’d better not wear plastic shoes, slippers or leather shoes to climb the mountain.
2.If you row in the scenic area, please put o­n the life jacket and obey the staff’s instructions.
3.If you drive to travel, please prepare enough oil and do not dirve after drinking wine.

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Ticket : free
Opening Hour: unknown

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