Golden Basilica Park

Golden Basilica Park

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Golden Basilica Park

Introduction: Introduction:The Golden Basilica is located o­n the Fung Ming Mountain in the east suburb..

Tickets:Golden Basilica Park Fee and Opening Hour:Admission Fee: 15 yuanOpening Hours: ask the s

Travel Tips:Tips:The bus in Kunming is very convenient, with the urban bus lanes, sometimes to take a bus..

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Golden Basilica Park Introduction

The Golden Basilica is located o­n the Fung Ming Mountain in the east suburb of Kunming City, which is eight kilometers away from the urban area. It is a prominent part of Taihe Palace, the total weight is 250 tons, with 6.7 meters high, and the width and depth of it is 6.2 meters. The beams, corrugated roof canopies, statues, bottles, plaques, and other flags are builded with bronze. The history of it has been over 380 years, and it was reconstructed by Wu Sangui 210 years ago. And it is more intact than the Golden Basilicas in Longevity Hill and the Summer Palace in Beijing. And the scale of it is lager than the o­ne in Mount Wudang in Hubei, it is is the largest remaining pure bronze Hall in China.
The Kunming annual average temperature is about 15 ℃,in Kunming, the best time to travel is in March.

Golden Basilica Park Features

From the foot of the mountain, you can climb the mountain o­n foot, through the Ying Xian bridge, come into the " Ming Fung Shengjing" Square, then walk through "first heaven door", "second heaven door" and "three heaven door", you can see the door of the ancient solemn "Taihe Palace". Through the door, you can see a tall brick city, seems like the Royal Forbidden City. Along the bands into the "city", you can see the centre part of the Taihe Palace, the famous Golden Basilica.
In the south-east of the Golden Basilica, there is a " clock tower", which is about 30 meters high. A large bronze bell is hung in the tower, which is 2.1 meters high, 6.7 meters diameter perimeter, with the wall thickness of 15 cm and weight 14 tons. It is the highest Building in the Ming Fung mountain, which is the ideal place overlooking the eastern outskirts.

Golden Basilica Park Tickets

Golden Basilica Park Fee and Opening Hour:
Admission Fee: 15 yuan
Opening Hours: ask the staff

Golden Basilica Park Transporation

 You can take the 10,71,76 buses,and also the tourist buses.

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