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Introduction: Introduction:Dragon Gate is at the top of the Western Hill. you can reach the Lohan peak foll..

Tickets:Dragon goal Fee and Opening Hour:Admission Fee: 30 yuanOpening Hours: 8:00-19:00, it ta..

Travel Tips:Tips:The bus in Kunming is very convenient, with the urban bus lanes, sometimes to take a bus..

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Dragon Gate is at the top of the Western Hill. you can reach the Lohan peak following the plank road at the cliffs, which is so narrow that o­nly two persons can pass through at the same time shoulder by shoulder.
The Dragon Gate plank road, not o­nly increases the export, thus increasing insecurity, but also added a new scenic attractions. Tourists can enjoy a superb stone art, and through the goal tunnels, along the stone steps, can reach the goal of the new platform.
The Kunming annual average temperature is about 15 ℃,in Kunming, the best time to travel is in March.

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In the history books, the real name of Xishan Mountain is Bi-chick Mountain. In Kunming, Peacock is also called Bi-chick. In the ancient legends of Kunming, many peacocks lived in the mountain, so the mountain got the name.
To reach the Dragon goal is the climax of climbing Xishan. Boarding 70 steps, you will arrive at the three-Court, and see the Dianchi Lake flowing to you foot , endless. along the stone steps, can reach the top of  the goal of Rohan cliff, and reach the stone room. There are three statues: in the middle is Kuixing, as the whole world of Kuixing, armed with a bucket, and with his pen, he can make you become a champion of the public. The left is Wenchang Dijun, the right o­ne is Guandijun.

Dragon goal Tickets

Dragon goal Fee and Opening Hour:
Admission Fee: 30 yuan
Opening Hours: 8:00-19:00, it takes half a day to visit the Westen Hill.

Dragon goal Transporation

To the Western Hills Park, You can take the 5,6 routes buses. If by car, it will take 40 min from the city centre, and it costs about 30 Yuan.

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