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Stone Forest

Introduction: Introduction:Stone Forest is the first state-level key scenic area of tourism approved by the ..

Tickets:Stone Forest Fee and Opening Hour:Admission Fee: 140 yuanOpening Hours: ask the staff

Travel Tips:Tips:The bus in Kunming is very convenient, with the urban bus lanes, sometimes to take a bus..

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Stone Forest Introduction

Stone Forest is the first state-level key scenic area of tourism approved by the State Council in 1982. It is the most typical Ke Site landscape of the world, the range of which is 350 square kilometers, and has been called the "natural landscape museum". Stone Forest is in the east of Kunming, and it is the masterpiece of nature.
It is in the Lunan County, 100 km away from Kunming city. The county‘s karst landforms which is also known as karst topography. The total area of karst landforms in the county  is 400 square kilometers. Scenic areas is composed of 7 points, such as large and small stone forest, the ancient stone forest, the Double, Long Lake, Moon Lake, Chi-yun Hole, Ki wind tunnel.
The Kunming annual average temperature is about 15 ℃, in Kunming, the best time to travel is in March.

Stone Forest Features

The karst geological features landforms of Stone Forest in Yunnan is very vast, and with its high aesthetic value, many visitors come here every year. The strong peaks, lage lakes, waterfalls and cave in the Stone Forest, with peculiar shape, is God –made. They are as same as the swords, mushrooms, towers, columns, castles, stone buds and wilderness,  hidden in low-lying land, or diffusing in the basin, slopes, or the wilderness. It concentrates the biggest surprised expressions in the human world.

Stone Forest Tickets

Stone Forest Fee and Opening Hour:
Admission Fee: 140 yuan
Opening Hours: ask the staff

Stone Forest Transporation

In Kunming city , there are green coaches, and it costs 30 yuan. There are also direct tourist trains, and it takes just 1.5 hours, the fare of which is 30 yuan for double-way, and 22 yuan for o­ne-way.

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