Dali Foreigner Street

Dali Foreigner Street

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Dali Foreigner Street

Introduction: IntroductionIn order to meet the needs of opening up tourism, the ancient city of Dali is sch..

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Dali Foreigner Street Introduction

In order to meet the needs of opening up tourism, the ancient city of Dali is scheduled to be the main tourist attractions. Hotels Camellia is a foreign-related hotels, which lies in the western section of the road in the ancient city. So,Protect Country Road become foreign tourists s distribution center in Dali. Chinese and Western style stores, jewellery shops, antique stores, Zharan shops, art galleries along the road had been opened, and this street becomes a wellknown commercial district by both Chinese and foreigner, " Dali Forigner Street."

Dali Foreigner Street Features

Dali Foreigner Street lies in the ancient city of Dali,whice was called “Ye Yu”, also known as Purple City in the acient times. Its history can be traced back to Tianbao period in Tang Dyansty . The city we can see now was built o­n 15th years of Ming Hongwu (1382 AD).According to literature, it is described as "grand scale".It occupied an area of a radius of 12 kilometers,whose walls is 2 Zhang and a haf high , 2 Zhang thick.It has four gates in four directions.Every gate has a gatehouse above it,respectively known as: Tonghai, Cangshan, Chengen, Anyuan; It also has four Jiaolous o­n the wall in the directions of north-east,north-west,south-east,and south-west, their titles: Yingchuan, Xi-Ping, Kongming, Changqing. The exterior walls are built with bricks.The layout of the city is just like a chessboard.There are five Street from south to north has, and eight alley from east to west. Of course, the majority of these buildings have been destroy completely as the time passed, but some vaguely visible now. The north and south of the city walls are still preserved. In 1982, South Gate has been rehabilited, o­n where   Guo Moruo signed the name of the city, "Dali".

Dali Foreigner Street Tickets

Dali Foreigner Street Fee and Opening Hours
Admission: free
Opening hours: all day long

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Bicycle. If you plan to spend some time in Dali, it is a good choice to rental cars bike. The rent is 10-12 / day, a deposit for a bike is needed.

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