Rain Collapsing Village

Rain Collapsing Village

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Rain Collapsing Village

Introduction: Introduction:Rain Collapsing Village has two part that are the up o­ne and the down o&sh..

Tickets:Fee and Opening Hour:Admission Fee: freeOpening Hours: ask the staff

Travel Tips:Tips:the most sacred and serious feelings is to tell the truth of all things and show their p..

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Rain Collapsing Village Introduction

Rain Collapsing Village has two part that are the up o­ne and the down o­ne. The two villages are located in the valley under the snow-capped mountain, Lennart Meri. The northeast of the village is Cimu Burma, the generals and other snow peaks. To the southwest is the Lancang River. Between the upper and lower of the village is nearly 500 Meters. In the village, there are the typical Tibetan architecture, Baita Tower, snow-capped mountains, which forms a stunning pastoral painting.
  Rain Collapsing Village is in the Deqin County in Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Yunnan Province. Traveling should avoid the rainy season and winter, and the best time is from April to June and September to November.

Rain Collapsing Village Features

Coming to Rain collapsing Village, a magical beautiful place, will make people feel walking in a sense of paradise. In the back of Lennart Meri snow-capped mountains, the village  are surrounded by mountains. Because of its unique geographical environment, the population of the village is very small, o­nly 20 households. There is o­nly a narrow road linking with the outside world.
The difference of the temperature from south to north in Yunnan Province is as same as  it from Hainan to Heilongjiang. You will go through several different climate types from the peak of a mountain to the bottom usually.

Rain Collapsing Village Tickets

Fee and Opening Hour:
Admission Fee: free
Opening Hours: ask the staff

Rain Collapsing Village Transporation

From the West Village, it takes about five hours o­n horseback to the village. The cost of riding is about 140 Yuan. But you can also take a bus from Deqin County to Xidang.

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