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Introduction: Introduction:The Shudu Sea is located in northeast of the Shangri-La county, and 35 km away f..

Tickets:Shudu Sea Fee and Opening Hour:Admission Fee: 30 yuanOpening Hours: ask the staff

Travel Tips:Tips:the most sacred and serious feelings is to tell the truth of all things and show their p..

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Shudu Sea Introduction

The Shudu Sea is located in northeast of the Shangri-La county, and 35 km away from the county. It is about 10 kilometers away from the Bitahai. The water is so clear that the underwater fishes could be seen clearly. The most unique fish is a "crack abdominal fish", the rare fish, with its abdomen a small crack, and it tasted very delicious. The lake is rrounded by trees, and there are flocks of cattle and sheep ranches by the lakeside. It is 3,705 m above sea level, and the water area is 15 square kilometers.
The difference of the temperature from south to north in Yunnan Province is as same as  it from Hainan to Heilongjiang. You will go through several different climate types from the peak of a mountain to the bottom usually.

Shudu Sea Features

Primeval forest is surrounding the lake. The east of the lake is a white birch forest, and there will be a golden autumn. Spruces and fires, crown, can cover the land with shelter. In the forest, there are bears, Zangma chicken, lynxes, and other rare birds.
  There is a well-known ranch by the lake in Shangri-La, where are vast grassland, water and plants, In spring and summer, there are flocks of sheep eating and playing.

Shudu Sea Tickets

Shudu Sea Fee and Opening Hour:
Admission Fee: 30 yuan
Opening Hours: ask the staff

Shudu Sea Transporation

There are rural roads in Zhongdian county, and you can go there and come back in o­ne day. Without buses, you can take a taxi or a package with the price of between 10 to 40 Yuan.

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