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Introduction: IntroductionLion rock is located in Yanqian town , Wuping county, it belongs to limestone cave..

Tickets:Lion rock Fee and Opening HourTicket : 18 Yuan per personOpening Hour: 7:30 to 17:0

Travel Tips:Tips in summer, tourists must pay attention to the diet security. For example, after..

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Lion rock is located in Yanqian town , Wuping county, it belongs to limestone cave landform. It accquires the name because its shape is like the lion. In actient time, the lion rock is called Nan’an rock, it was o­nce listed in Chinese scenic spots dictionary. Climbing the lion rock, enter the entrance of the cave, you will see Gufodian which consecrates three ancient Buddhas in the centre. o­n the left is the Tathagata buddha which is a ten feet high, o­n the right is the Shuidecantian and Mazu.
At the back of Gufodian, there is a path through the No 1 cave in which there are many stone lion, stone statue, stone monkey made by nature. o­n the top of the rock are four characters “renshipenghu”, it is said that they are writen by the king Qianlong.
Longyan belongs to the subtropical zone, enjoying an oceanic monsoon climate. Its weather is moderate all the year round. Without chilly winter and torrid summer, the annual average temperature falls between 18 and 20 degree centigrade (64 and 68 degree Fahrenheit). The city is an all-year-round tourist destination.

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Lion rock gains the name because its shape is like a lion. In the rock there is a cave which can holds dozens of A.D 964, Quanzhou monk Zhengziyan o­nce supposed the Bodhimanda here. In north song dynasty, it is named Junqingyuan, and it was renamed Dingyiyuan in South Dynasty. There are Hexiangugong, Daxiongbaodian,Junqing temple and other scenic spots.
It is said that there are immortal and dragon here. The immortas is Hexiangu , and the dragon is in Nan’an cave. Hexiangu disciplines at the Nan rock, it is said that she can foresee the matters in the future. The buddhism believers did not dnow her real name, so call her Xiangu.
Hexiangu is virtuous, she is a virtuous doctor who is good at cure patients with herbal medicine . she is happy to alleviate the sufferings of the patients. Therefor peoples respect hervery much.

Lion rock Tickets

Lion rock Fee and Opening Hour
Ticket : 18 Yuan per person
Opening Hour: 7:30 to 17:00

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You can go to Wuping county from Longyan city, and then visit the scenic spot by taxi or motorbike.

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