Jiulongji Waterfall

Jiulongji Waterfall

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Jiulongji Waterfall

Introduction: Introduction As a provincial-level scenic spot, Jiulongji Waterfall Groups is located in the v..

Tickets:Jiulongji Waterfall Fee and Opening HourAdmission : 30 yuan per personOpening Hour: 8:00..

Travel Tips:Tips 1.The sight of waterfall is very manificent. Its o­nly shortcoming is that the gover..

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Jiulongji Waterfall Introduction

As a provincial-level scenic spot, Jiulongji Waterfall Groups is located in the valley of lower reaches of Qibu River in Zhouning County, 14km away from county center. It covers 9.5 Square km, among which the protected central area is 4 km and called the Longxi River (Dragon River).
The Longxi River's 300-metre drop in the less than 3-kilometer course leads to the formation of 9-stage marvelous deep ponds. The nine-stage waterfalls connect o­ne by o­ne, each having their own characteristics. Some have wonderful scenes; others are not peaceful but very striking. The scene is regarded as "No.1 in Fujian", "Only in East of China."
The first stage of Jiulongji Waterfall is the most wonderful. The waterfall is 46.7 meters high with 75 meters wide. When water is plenty, it can reach 83 meters wide, which is 40 meters wider than Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou Province. When it falls, it is like a dragon playing in the water. At the end of the nine-stage falls there is a quiet pond that is over 100 meters long. The two sides of the valley are reflected in the ponds, which form the beautiful green scenes. The Longxi hydropower station is at the end of the long pond. Rowing boats in the ponds and enjoying the scenes can make you feel the wild and natural taste of the villages.
Bearing a subtropical monsoon climate, its weather is temperate and humid. The annual average temperature remains around 19 C (66 F). March to June is the plum rain period, and July to September is the season of typhoon and thunder storm. This period gathers about eighty percent of a year's rainfall. The best time to visit there is April to December .

Jiulongji Waterfall Features

There is an insteresting legend which is popular in the local folk. in ancient time, the mountain inhabitants have to get the salt to the East sea. A yonger often shoulders salt, so he was too tired to be ill. He accepted an immortal’s advice to persuade the dragon king to give him nine dragon to make the salt . in order to do this, he worked hard o­n wusu. But , o­n his way to the mountain, the nine dragons from the east sea escaped, and changed into nine waterfalls.
Jiulongji Waterfall Complex is reputed as “No.1 in Fujiang province”, “incomparable in the east China”. Now tourist buses are available to the scenic spot and Jiulongji administrative office building is completed. Besides, two Guanputing (the waterfall-viewing pavilions) and four wayside pavilions are built for tourists to have a rest and enjoy the beautiful views.
Jiulongji Waterfall Complex consists of 9stages of various waterfalls, with a total drop of 300 meters. The first stage waterfall is the most magnificent o­ne. It has a drop in height of 46.7meters and is over 76 meters wide. When water is plentiful, its width is over 83 meters. The waterfall is pouring down with great momentum when water hit the precipice to a deep pool. The noises of the water sound like thunders make people soul-stirring. Water splashes and mists spread the whole valley. When setting sun shines, mists magically change into a gorgeous rainbow hanging in the shy. Waterfalls from the sixth stage to the ninth stages connected with each other, called “four-fold waterfall”. The course of the four-stage waterfalls is 692 meters, among the waterfalls scattering various odd-shaped rocks, such as, “dragon well”, “dragon spine”, “ dragon horn”, “dragon scale and shell”, “dragon claw”, “dragon pearl”. There is a 120-meter long pool under the Jiulongji waterfall complex. Tourists can go boating to enjoy the charming scenery.

Jiulongji Waterfall Tickets

Jiulongji Waterfall Fee and Opening Hour
Admission : 30 yuan per person
Opening Hour: 8:00—17:00 in winter, 8:00 –20:00 in summer

Jiulongji Waterfall Transporation

Both the Ningde urban and Zhouning county have the tour buses to the Jiulongji Waterfall.

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