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Introduction: Introduction Located in Puyuan Village in Zhouning County, Fujian Province, carp stream gets i..

Tickets:Carp Stream Fee and Opening HourAdmission: 60 yuan per personOpening Hour: 8:00—17:0

Travel Tips:Tips 1.when spring comes, the scenery is very beautiful. Pay attention to choose a appropriat..

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Carp Stream Introduction

Located in Puyuan Village in Zhouning County, Fujian Province, carp stream gets its name from the tens of thousands of carps in it. The villagers have long stuck to the tradition of living harmoniously with the carps, and today the good relationship between the two has attracted many tourists.
The carp stream sources from Song Dynasty, it experiences more than 800 years historical vicissitudes. Althouth experienced many chaos cased by war, the famine, the carps have multiplied well under villagers’ protection until now. it is really a miracle.
The climate in Zhouning county is cool in summer, even in the hottest month the average temperature is o­nly 24℃. It is o­nly known as “the natural air conditioning city”. therefore, the best season to the carp stream is spring and summer.

Carp Stream Features

There is an instresting story. In south song Dynasty, a group of people whose surname is zheng move here from Henan. At that time they drank water from Dongyang stream. Ther bred the carp in the stream for guarded against the bystander to throw the poison in the stream. So the dongyang stream changed into the carp stream.
Carps in Carp River stream are sacred. Some believe they are incarnated and are forbidden for dinner table. Zhouning’s special old highlanders regard these fish as their gods and goddesses. They do not fish but worship them, and bury their dead in the village’s Carp Cemetery, with elaborate funerals.
This special worship, funerals and treatment began 800 years ago, after dozens of carp corpses tipped villagers off that wicked folk upstream had poisoned the water. Ever since the carps have been king, and the carp numbers grow over time from this special protection.

Carp Stream Tickets

Carp Stream Fee and Opening Hour
Admission: 60 yuan per person
Opening Hour: 8:00—17:00

Carp Stream Transporation

Zhouning, which lies in the northwest of Ningde, it takes about 3-4 hours to go to Zhouning from Fuzhou or Wenzhou. The Carp stream is 5 km away from Zhouning city. after arriving at zhouning, you can visit carp stream by taxi.

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