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Introduction: Introduction:Lashi Sea is 8 kilometres in the west of Lijiang County, which is a "wetland" na..

Tickets:Lashi Sea Fee and Opening Hour:Admission Fee: 30 yuanOpening Hours: ask the staff

Travel Tips:Tips:The bus in Kunming is very convenient, with the urban bus lanes, sometimes to take a bus..

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Lashi Sea Introduction

Lashi Sea is 8 kilometres in the west of Lijiang County, which is a "wetland" nature reserve.  Lashi Sea is a plateau lake, and it is the largest lake of Lijiang County. It has about 30,000 waterfowl wintering here. It includes Bar-headed Goose, the Chinese autumn sand duck, black-necked cranes, swans and egrets, and there are 57 species of birds and rare endangered birds. It has established four highland wetland nature reserve.
Xishuangbanna is o­ne of the few places without winter in Yunnan Province. From November to April the following year is the most suitable time to travel in Xishuangbanna, when the temperature is not high, nor cold. From June to September, to travel in Xishuangbanna will have the opportunity eating tropical fruits.

Lashi Sea Features

The surface of Lashi Sea changes significantly with seasonal, and the water level will be high in the rainy season. And the largest water storage capacity is 180 million cubic meters, and the water area is nine square kilometers, with the depth of 9 meters. In dry season, the water level will drop, or even the water dried up.

Lashi Sea Tickets

Lashi Sea Fee and Opening Hour:
Admission Fee: 30 yuan
Opening Hours: ask the staff

Lashi Sea Transporation

From the city of Lijiang, you can take a car and cost 200 per day. You can also rent a bicycle.

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