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Ganhaizi Introduction

Ganhaizi , the scientific name is Fangcaohai, is located at the Gonggnagling which is at the intersection of Songpan county and Jiuzhaigou. You can see it at the road from Jiuzhaigou to Chengdu. Here is originally a mountain lake, and then because of the geological change, the outlet of water expands, therefore the local people named it Dry sea. In fact, the dry sea is not dry. There are many mountains, flourish forests, green grass, sinuous stream. In summer and autumn, the wild flowers intersperse in the grass, the cattle and sheep are in groups, and in winter and spring, the grass changes into yellow , the yellow grass , the red leaf and the snow mountain form an wonderful sceney. So the local recall it Ganhaizi.
The temperature of spring in Jiuzhaigou is low and changes frequently. The average temperature of January is 9 to 18 degree centigrade. The average temperature of summer is 19 to 22 degree centigrade but it is rain season in July and August, so the umbrella should be prepared. In the Autumn the weather is cool and dry and pleasant, but the difference in temperature between day and night is very huge. And the suitable time for travelling is the end of spring to the start of Autumn, and September and October are the best.

Ganhaizi Features

There are lake group composed of golden rhinoceros lake, Fragrant grass lake, and Nine twists color river. Take the lake group as the center, there are serried waterfalls, flourish virgin forest, and mountain plants around it. It is located between Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong scenic area, so it has convenience traffic conditions and rich scenic resources.
It features pure, tranquil waters, lush forests and lofty mountains. Rare animals often appear in the area of Fairy Pool. The virgin forest here is an ideal living environment for pandas, golden monkeys and Tibetan antelopes.

Ganhaizi Tickets

Ganhaizi fee and opening hour
Ticket : free
Opening hour: unknown

Ganhaizi Transporation

The Ganhaizi, Jiuzhaigou and Fariy pool form a tri-angle.But there are not road connecting Fariy pool and Jiuzhaigou directly, so Ganhaizi is an important transhipment is 18km away from Jiuzhaigou and 45 km away from Fariy pool.

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