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Huanglong valley

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Huanglong valley

Introduction: Introduction The Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area is located in Songpan County, in t..

Tickets:Huanglong valley fee and opening hour Ticket : 200yuan per person in busy season, 60 yuan per..

Travel Tips:Tips If you stand nearby the color pond to take a picture, it is very difficult to make gran..

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Huanglong valley Introduction

The Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area is located in Songpan County, in the northwest part of Sichuan Province and encompasses the Huanglong and Muni Valley. Huanglong's major scenery is concentrated in the 3.6-kilometer (2.2 miles) long Huanglong Valley that includes snow-clad peaks and the easternmost glaciers in China. Due to its layered calcium carbonated deposit patterns, the valley resembles a golden dragon winding its way through the virgin forest, stone mountains and glaciers. Along the valley are scattering numerous colorful ponds of different sizes and shapes, which are strewn with gold colored limestone deposit giving a shimmering golden hue to water, so in sunlight, a golden dragon seems to surge forth from the forest. Thus it was named 'Huanglong Valley' (Yellow Dragon Valley).
The 'World Wonder' and 'Fairy Land o­n Earth' are names enjoyed by the Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area, which is well known for its colorful lakes, snow clad mountains, valleys and virgin forest.It was included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 1992.
The temperature of spring in Jiuzhaigou is low and changes frequently. The average temperature of January is 9 to 18 degree centigrade. The average temperature of summer is 19 to 22 degree centigrade but it is rain season in July and August, so the umbrella should be prepared. In the Autumn the weather is cool and dry and pleasant, but the difference in temperature between day and night is very huge. And the suitable time for travelling is the end of spring to the start of Autumn, and September and October are the best.

Huanglong valley Features

Upon entering the scenic area, a group of exquisite, crystal clear ponds will immediately catch your eyes with their unparalleled and esthetic charm. These are the Yingbin (welcoming guests) Colored Ponds.
Yingbin pond: It is composed by more than100 take the blue color as the main key pool of color, pool size notone, dissimilar in shape and form, the ravine stone diameter surroundsthe pool windingly to circle, welcomes the tourist the scenic area,also escorts to the tourist the scenic area deep place. Around thepool Ancient Tree is towering, All the flowers Struggles colorfully; The pool Dike Boundary ridge between fields like the jade,the agate cast, exquisitely carved. In the pond the clear water, deepblue passes green. The sunlight penetration tree crack according to o­nLake Surface, fluctuates yellow, is being green, the blue each kind of tone.The breeze has blown, in the pond exudes the intermittent coloredripples, especially clear colorful is moving, this then was the peoplepraised without cease "the Huanglong pool of color" the firstlandscape.
Mirror lake: In the rosy dawns, the lake is as smooth as a mirror and blue sky, white clouds, the mountains far away and trees nearby can all be seen reflected in the lake. What is more wonderful is that you can see the conjured images that the fish are swimming in the sky and the birds are flying in the lake! Near the lake there is a tree reaching the sky, which is tightly twisted by a long vine, just like two sweet lovers. Therefore, people gave Mirror Lake another romantic name, Love Park.
Five color pond: The old Chinese legend said that there was a colorful lake, Jasper Lake, in the palace of the Queen Mother of the West. However, nobody has seen it with his own eyes. The lake is 6.6 meters (about 21.7 feet) deep, 2,995 meters (about 9,826 feet) above the sea level and occupies an area of 5,645 square meters (about 6,751 square yards). o­n sunny days, the lake present various colors when the lake ripples, shining with red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple light, as if you are in a dreamland.
Huanglong temple: The temple is the site for an annual temple fair held in summer.Built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the temple, which covers more than 1,000 square metres, is in a remarkable setting.  It stands at an altitude of 3,588 metres. Behind the roof-line of the second storey, mountain peaks frame a glorious view to the south. A statue of the eponymous monk is found inside the main hall.
In spring, the luxuriant trees, blooming flowers, butterflies and birdsong enhance their glamour even more. From the ponds, you can see the interwoven reflection of trees, mountains, clouds and sky, which is a veritable feast to the eyes. Along the valley, you will see many attractions including Feipuliuhui (glowing waterfall), Xishen (washing body) Cave, Penjing (miniascape) Ponds, Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Temple, Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Cave, Shitazhenhai and Zhuanhua (whirling flower) Pond, etc. In the Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Cave, there are three sitting Buddha figures whose bodies are encrusted with calc-sinter crystals.
 In winter, ice forest, bamboo shoots and waterfalls, etc, form a magical icy scene. Shitazhenhai is the most beautiful attraction in Huanglong. The calcium carbonate deposits give a myriad of different hues to the water, which is truly breath-taking. Zhuanhua Pond is crystal clear and the spring water never stops welling up. If you throw flowers or leaves into the pond, they will swirl rhythmically with flow of the water.

Huanglong valley Tickets

Huanglong valley fee and opening hour
Ticket : 200yuan per person in busy season, 60 yuan per person in low season. 
Hongyanguan ropeway 80 yuan per (up), 40 per person (down)
Opening Hour: unknown

Huanglong valley Transporation

Huanglong is 144 km away from Jiuzhaigou, you can go to Huanglong by bus from Jiuzhaigou at 6:30 to 7:30, and then return to Jiuzhaigou at 15:00. the ticket is 40 yuan.

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