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Rize Gully

Introduction: Introduction In Jiuzhaigou scenic area there are three gullies that seem to be in the shape o..

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Travel Tips:Tips 1.Jiuzhaigou is in the high elevation area, you had better not do strenuous exercises an..

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Rize Gully Introduction

In Jiuzhaigou scenic area there are three gullies that seem to be in the shape of Y.The 18 km long Rize Gully  is the south-western branch of Jiuzhaigou. It contains the largest variety of sites and is typically visited first.
It is famous for its ancient and mysterious scenery, encompassing snow-capped mountains, forest, grasslands, waterfalls, streams, and lakes. The main scenic spots are: Primeval forest, Swan lake, Grass lake, Panda lake, Five flower lake, Pearl shoal, Mirror lake, Pearl beach waterfall, Nuorilang Lake, Arrow Bamboo Lake and so o­n.
The temperature of spring in Jiuzhaigou is low and changes frequently. The average temperature of January is 9 to 18 degree centigrade. The average temperature of summer is 19 to 22 degree centigrade but it is rain season in July and August, so the umbrella should be prepared. In the Autumn the weather is cool and dry and pleasant, but the difference in temperature between day and night is very huge. And the suitable time for travelling is the end of spring to the start of Autumn, and September and October are the best.

Rize Gully Features

The Primeval Forest is a preserved ancient woodland. It is fronted by spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and cliffs, including the 500 m high blade-shaped Sword Rock.
Grass Lake is a shallow lake covered in intricate vegetation patterns.
Arrow Bamboo Lake ,covering an area of 170,000 m², is a shallow lake with a depth of 6 m. It lies at an elevation of 2,618 m, and was a main feature site for the 2002 Chinese film Hero.
Panda Lake  features curious color patterns of blue and green. It empties into the multi-stream, multi-level Panda Waterfalls, dropping 78m in 3 steps.
Five-flower Lake
Wuhua Pond has the altitude of 2472 meters, and the depth of 5 meters. In Wuhua Pond Scenic Area, there is the famous scenic spot -Jiuzhaigou Valley, which has the reputation of "the essence in Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area". Although in the same pond, there are many different colors of yellow, dark green, dark blue, etc. Wuhua Pond is the most fantastic spot among those of at Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area. The hills around Wuhua Pond change to a splendid picture when fall comes. The best colorful leaves are from the trees near the outer lakes, and they look like fire cracks in fall time. Therefore, it is very worth visiting here.
Mirror Lake
When visitors left the Pearl Beach, and walk along the road, they can see a spacious valley. The valley is very hollow, but has lush trees and grass. In the middle, a clear spring flows down to the Mirror Pond. There are several residences near the pond. The two sides of the valley are lined with huge mountains. When fall comes, the whole valley is filled with the colors of red, pink, purple, dark green, light green, yellow, etc. The valley looks like a beautiful picture as if it were drawn by a miraculous brush.
The Pearl Beach
Shuzheng valley is the major tour route to Jiuzhaigou. More than 40% of the lakes and ponds are situated in the valley. They are Double-Dragon Lake, Bonsai Beach, Nuorilang Lake, Spark Lake, Tiger Lake, Shuzheng Waterfall, swan Lake, and Nuorilang Waterfall, etc.
Nuorilang Lake
The Nuorilang Lake is the starting spot of Rize Valley , famous for its blue water and overlapped, multi-colored waterfalls. In spring and summer, lake dikes arc half- submerged in water that seem to have energized everything. Autumn reddens the tree leaves, against the effulgent lake water. Winter sees water turn into ice that wraps and encloses the whole world.
Pearl Beach waterfall
With the highest drop 40m and width of 310 meter, the Pearl Beach Waterfall drops from the cliff and forms a crescent waterfall. Walking down ilie plank path, you will have a lull view of ihe waterfall. Its roaring, splashing, and rushing create the best water sight of Jiuzhaigou, because of tin; must rapid section of torrents here. The plank trail o­n the left of the rapids is the most ideal place to view the splashes of ihe waterfall.
The Swan Lake
Lying in deep valleys, it is noted for its glittering water, and dense fir woods o­n the banks. o­n the shallow beach are flowering plants and grasses in complete quiescence. o­n its fertile soil, swans are frequent visitors, to in habit and regenerate. As the swan is a migrating bird. and flies far away and comes back as seasons change, few tourists can see them.

Rize Gully Tickets

Rize gully fee and opening hour
Ticket : unknown
Opening Hour: unknown

Rize Gully Transporation

Travel along the Rize Gully line, you can go to the primeval forest, and then walk down the line , at last visit the Ruorilang lake. The tour route is :
Primeval forest—Grass lake—Jianyanxuan spring—Swan lake—Arrow bamboo lake—Arrow bamboo lake waterfall—Panda lake—Five flower lake—Tiger mouth—Peacock riverway—Jinling lake—Pearl beach—Pearl beach waterfall—Mirror lake—Ruorilang waterfall

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