Shennonggu National Forest Park

Shennonggu National Forest Park

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Shennonggu National Forest Park

Introduction: Introduction Shennonggu National Forest Park is the former Taoyuandong National Forest Park wit..

Tickets:Shengnonggu national forest fee and opening hourTicket : 40 yuanOpening Hour: 8:00—18:

Travel Tips:Tips Prepare the measures of sun block, carry the beach umbrella and the fluid guarding agains..

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Shennonggu National Forest Park Introduction

Shennonggu National Forest Park is the former Taoyuandong National Forest Park with an area of about 100 square kilometers, it is located o­n Wanyang Mountain, 45 kilometers east of Yanling county, is o­nly 12 kilometers from the revolutionary memorial Jinggang Mountain to the east. The forest coverage reaches above 90%, is a natural green treasury and zoo.
The park is divided into six scenic areas, including main spots. Bead Curtain Waterfall, Lion Cliff and Dragon Pond Galaxy and so o­n. The mountain, water, stones and forest are all complete, so the natural scenery is mystic and attractive. Besides, the comfortable climate, the fresh air and high level of negative oxygen make it a rare holiday, leisure, recuperation and exploration resort.
Average temperature of the hottest July is about 24C (75F). Obviously, it is ideal mountain resort for visitors traveling Zhuzhou in summer. Microclimate in the park is favorable and air is fresh and of superior quality. April to November is the best time to visit this enlivening land of forest and water.

Shennonggu National Forest Park Features

Dragon Pond Galaxy: the Jinghua Brook and Menghua Brook converge and flow into a galaxy, like the nonstop galloping wild horses. The rip current is heart-shaking, like the thunder.
Bead curtain waterfall: it falls down from a 41 meters high cliff, the water drops splashes, the fog is dense and misty, and at the left there is a cliff like a beautiful girl, cause you a happy dream.
There are two natural caves, o­ne is at the bead curtain waterfall, the entrance of the cave is hidden by the waterfall, its depth is not measured. Another is at the Jiaoshi. It is said that the cave is several kilometers long, nobody dare enter into the cave until now. The trees o­n the hill are cherry, the water is the source of the Mian river, and the cave is the Shengnonggu. Inhabitants live here in ancient time. As the legend goes, Yandi has ever go the Shengnonggu to pick the medicine, thus there are many historic site such as Footprints of Shengnong, pool of washing medicine, Daoyaojiu, Store medicine cave, flatform of basking medicine.
There are other historic sites, for example, the ancient bridge, Yiming pavillion near the Dongkeng waterfall, the Taoyuan temple, Dragon king temple near the Jiashui, and the Gulaoxian, Qiguxian, Yuntaixian near the Shengnonggu village. Each of them has its ancient and misterious legends.

Shennonggu National Forest Park Tickets

Shengnonggu national forest fee and opening hour
Ticket : 40 yuan
Opening Hour: 8:00—18:00

Shennonggu National Forest Park Transporation

Drive: The scenic spot is 319 kilometers from Changsha, set out from Changsha, pass Zhuzhou, enter Expressway 320 to Liling, arrive at Mausoleum of Emperor Yandi via Youxian County and Tea Hill; or start from Beijing-Jiujiang railway to Jinggangshan City, arrive there via Ji’anlong City, Jiangxi Province.

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