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Zechawa gully

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Zechawa gully

Introduction: Introduction In Jiuzhaigou scenic area there are three gullies that seem to be in the shape o..

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Travel Tips:Tips 1.In order to prevent the sudden change of the temperature and rainfall, the Jiuzhaigou a..

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Zechawa gully Introduction

In Jiuzhaigou scenic area there are three gullies that seem to be in the shape of Y. The Zechawa gully is at the left of the Shape of Y, the south-eastern branch of Jiuzhaigou. It is 18 kilometers (about 11 miles) in length, is the longest and highest route in Jiuzhaigou. It is approximately the same length as Rize gully (18 km ) but climbs to a higher altitude (3150 m at the Long Lake).
The main scenic spots are: Upper seasonal lake, Lower seasonal lake, Middle seasonal lake, Long lake, Five color Pond etc.
The temperature of spring in Jiuzhaigou is low and changes frequently. The average temperature of January is 9 to 18 degree centigrade. The average temperature of summer is 19 to 22 degree centigrade but it is rain season in July and August, so the umbrella should be prepared. In the Autumn the weather is cool and dry and pleasant, but the difference in temperature between day and night is very huge. And the suitable time for travelling is the end of spring to the start of Autumn, and September and October are the best.

Zechawa gully Features

The Five-colored Pond
The Colorful Pond is famous for its colorful, clear and transparent water. The area of the pond is 5645 square meters. It has the altitude of 2995 meters. In winter time, the water of the pond is never frozen. No matter In rain or drought time, the water capacity doesn't change at all. That's because the water of the pond is supplied from Changhai Pond under the ground. As we know, water under ground is never frozen in the winter, so the capacity of water keeps almost the same through the whole year. The depth of the Colorful Pond is 6.6 meters. The shapes and the grains of the stones under the pond are seen clearly. It is amazing that, the color of the water is blue, or green, or yellow, or light blue, etc, at different areas in the same pond. In the sunshine, when the wind blows, the water is splashed with some red, or golden, or green dimples.
Changhai Pond
The average altitude of Changhai Pond is 3060 meters, among which the highest o­ne is 4457 meters. It lies at the end of Zechawa valley. The width of Changhai Pond is over 600 meters and the deepest place of Changhai Pond is over 100 meters. Thus, Changhai Pond is the widest and deepest pond among those of at Jiuzhaigou.
Magic Mirror Cliff (Baojing Cliff)
Magic Mirror Cliff, 400 meters (about 1,312 feet) in height, lies at the mouth of Zharu Valley and stands facing the lakes. The surface of the cliff is rather even and it looks like a great mirror when seen from distance. It is said that the precious mirror was founded by the master of the mountain to suppress a devil who killed people cruelly. Therefore the cliff is also named Devil Cliff.
Seasonal Lakes
There are Lower Seasonal Lake and Upper Seasonal Lake in Zechawa Valley. Lower Seasonal Lake is near Zechawa Village and has a grove of birches at the lakeside. Strawberries and other wild fruits can be found in the grove. The upper Seasonal Lake is next to Five-Colored Pond surrounded by cliffs. All the lakes have plenty of blue water due to the ample rainfall in autumn and are at a low level of green color water in spring and winter. While in the early summer, the water dries up and turns into grassland as lots of grasses grow in the riverbeds.

Zechawa gully Tickets

Zechawa gully fee and opening hour
Ticket : unknown
Opening hour: unknown

Zechawa gully Transporation

The tour journey of the Zechawa Gully is long, and the scenic spots are not many, so we do not suggest you walk during the entire tour line. You can take a bus from Ruorilang center to Long lake, and then walk to the Five color pond and Upper seasonal lake. Finnally go back by car , and travel the Middle seasonal lake and Lower seasonal lake in the return journey.

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