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Yangtian Lake

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Yangtian Lake

Introduction: Introduction:Covering an area of 40 square kilometers, Yangtian Lake is located o­n the b..

Tickets:Yangtian Lake Fee and Opening Hours:Admission Fee: RMB 30 yuan (Beauty Spot), RMB 20 yuan (T..

Travel Tips:Tips:Chenzhou local specialty shop, the unique shop in Chenzhou, sells good specialties from d..

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Yangtian Lake Introduction

Covering an area of 40 square kilometers, Yangtian Lake is located o­n the border of the Hunan and Guangdong province. The main scenic area includes the lake and all grasslands that lay quietly o­n the southwest of Chenzhou, Hunan Province. The Yangtian Lake is a freshwater lake formed by a glacial extinct volcano. The water is so clear and mirrors the blue sky. Around the lake is green pasture and bulrush. The area is totally surrounded in the ocean of the rhododendron during spring and is a joyful red everywhere. The wind breezes o­n the pasture, the cattle and horse stroll o­n the grassland during summer painting a picture of a wonderland o­n the earth. Bright sunshine makes the whole area a golden world with reed flowers flying in the sky, migrating birds soaring up the green grassland in autumn. The mist rises from the lake making the place a fairyland during winter.

Yangtian Lake Features

Yangtian Lake Grassland also made the legend of the pasturage in the south China. The Grassland is the closest grassland to Guangdong. More than 1,300 hectares of lush grass cover this southern area, which also site a 1.3 hectare volcanic lake originating from the Quaternary Period. Another important spot of this area is the Giant Buddha of Yangtian Lake, which laid o­n the west of the lake. o­n a stone mountain of 1277 meters above sea level this completely natural 300 meters high hill is shaped like a man’s head resting against the mountain.

Yangtian Lake Tickets

Yangtian Lake Fee and Opening Hours:
Admission Fee: RMB 30 yuan (Beauty Spot), RMB 20 yuan (Tianhushilin), RMB 25 yuan (Giant Buddha), RMB 10 yuan (Virgin Jungle), RMB 10 yuan (Shilidujian). 

Yangtian Lake Transporation

From Chenzhou to the Yangtian Lake, you need to hire a car in the Chenzhou Bus Station. The price can be discussed face to face. Or you can contact the Yangtian Lake beauty spot and your hotel.

The Best Hotels in Yangtian Lake

  • Suxian Hotel

    Suxian Hotel

    Three-star Chenzhou Price:-

    The Suxian Hotel (Chenzhou Suxian Binguan) is located on South Suxian Road, being 20 minutes' walk from Xinglong Pedestrian Street. Guests arriving from Chenzhou Railway Station can be s..

  • Chenzhou Hollyear Hotel

    Chenzhou Hollyear Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star Chenzhou Price:-

    Located at the intersection of the Suyuan Road and Yanjiang Road, the Chenzhou Hollyear Hotel (Chenzhou Heyi Binguan) is a ten-minute drive from the Chenzhou Railway Station and 20 minut..

  • Jing Yang Hotel
  • Zhongtian Home Inn

    Zhongtian Home Inn

    Two-star or Less ChenzhouBeihu Price:-

    The Zhongtian Home Inn (Zhongtian Yijia Kuaijie Jiudian) is a business hotel located just opposite the south bus station and within proximity to Wuling business district.Various rooms inclu..

  • Meeting Park Lake Hotel

Yangtian Lake Hotels

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