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Peiligang Site

Introduction: Introduction The Peiligang Culture site was discovered in Peilonggang in Xinzheng County, Henan..

Tickets:Peiligang site fee and opening hour Ticket : 10 yuan per personOpening hour: 8:30—17

Travel Tips:Tips In the tour process, please chrish the cultural relics, don’t damage the relics because ..

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Peiligang Site Introduction

The Peiligang Culture site was discovered in Peilonggang in Xinzheng County, Henan Province, in 1977. The site corresponds to the Cishan site in both time and archeological finds.Peiligang Site covers an area of about 20,000 square meters. The eastern part of it is ruins of ancient villages; the western part, tombs for clan members.
After four excavations from 1977 to 1979, archaeologists have discovered 114 tombs, 1 kiln, 10 pits and several broken foundations of houses, together with which more than 400 pieces of cultural relics were unearthed, including stone wares, potteries and bone wares. The articles buried with the dead were mainly tools for production and daily use. Peiligang Culture is named after the site.8,000 years ago the Peiligang Village of Xincun Town was established in the city of Xinzheng.
The site has provided an important clue for the study of the development of the early Neolithic cultures in the Central Plains, as well as their relationships with the Yangshao Culture of the Central Plains.
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Peiligang Site Features

The Peiligang culture  is a name given by archaeologists to a group of Neolithic communities in the Yi-Luo river basin in Henan Province, China. The culture existed from 7000 BC to 5000 BC. Over 70 sites have been identified with the Peiligang culture. The culture is named after the site discovered in 1977 at Peiligang (in Xinzheng county). Archaeologists think that the Peiligang culture was egalitarian, with little political organization.
The culture practiced agriculture in the form of cultivating millet and animal husbandry in the form of raising pigs. The culture is also o­ne of the oldest in ancient China to make pottery.In the valley of the Yellow River are many archeological sites that reveal that agricultural production was widespread in ancient times. Among the tools of agricultural production unearthed at the Peiligang site were stone sickles, stone hammers and stone shovels. Grain-processing tools, for example, millstones and mill-sticks, show that some grain-processing methods were already known at the time. The tools of production unearthed in the Cishan and Peiligang Culture sites are mostly ground stone implements, including stone shovels, stone hammers, stone adzes and stone sickles. The bone implements unearthed, such as bone arrowheads and harpoons with inverted spikes, were mostly used for fishing and hunting.
The many examples of pottery unearthed in the above sites are of coarse quality, being hand-made, with clay pieces layered o­ne o­n top of another. They are mostly cooking utensils, including oval jars, pots, small-mouthed kettles with two ears, bowls, small basins and cauldrons.The remains of domesticated pigs, dogs and chickens that have also been discovered in the Peiligang sites show that livestock breeding played an important role in life at that time.

Peiligang Site Tickets

Peiligang site fee and opening hour
Ticket : 10 yuan per person
Opening hour: 8:30—17:30

Peiligang Site Transporation

You can go to Xinzheng by bus at Zhengzhou south bus station, and then go to Peiligang by bus 8.

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