Eighteen strongholds (Zhongshan folk-custom village)

Eighteen strongholds (Zhongshan folk-custom village)

Eighteen strongholds (Zhongshan folk-custom village) Pictures Gallery

Eighteen strongholds (Zhongshan folk-custom village)

Introduction: Introduction Eighteen strongholds is located in the Zhongshan folk custom village in Yanqian to..

Tickets:Eighteen strongholds Fee and Opening HourAdmission : 20 yuan per person Opening Hou

Travel Tips:Tips If you bridged over the river nearby eighteen stongholds, you may find more historical si..

Eighteen strongholds (Zhongshan folk-custom village) Maps

Eighteen strongholds (Zhongshan folk-custom village) Introduction

Eighteen strongholds is located in the Zhongshan folk custom village in Yanqian town which is 5 km away from the Geshikao scenic area of Sanyuan district national forest park. It has a glorious history and honorable ,ancient customs. It is said in the ancient time, the villiage was composed of eighteen strongholds, so it was called eighteen strongholds. There are ancient buildings of Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming preserved well, and there are rich cultural traditional folk customs .
Sanming belongs to low mountainous and hilly area, as well as river valleys. The main land of the city can be divided into several types, including fluvial landform, Danxia landform, karst landform and some other trivial landforms. Having a subtropical humid maritime climate, Sanming has abundant rainfall and moderate climate. It is affected greatly by maritime monsoon. Its rainy season may last from March to September, and October to February is the dry season. The average temperature of a year is about 17-19C(63-66F).The city is favorable for visiting all the year round.

Eighteen strongholds (Zhongshan folk-custom village) Features

In the village, the ancient buildings stand in the shade of hills, scatter in the ordinary village residences, surrounded by the stream, bamboo grove, farmland. There are various ancient houses built in Yuan, Ming, Qing, including Sixian ancestral hall, Chusangong ancestral hall, Wangan bridge, Wenchangge, marshal pavilion, Yongxing hut, Mongolian ancient grave and so o­n. Each blue brick and rubble perserver the unique memory of this ancient village.
Located at the entrance of the village is the Wan’an bridge built in Ming dynasty, it has three pillars and four holes and a length of 37 km. It was built with the long cuboid granite, the most characerstic is the bridge pier in ship shape which is polished with the entire huge stone. It is rare in our country.
There is a centipede street built in Yuan dynasty in the village, the total length of the street is about 470 m. The median line of the street use the long linearity blue flagstones to connect, and the two sides are built horizontally, the terrain of the street is fluctuant. Look from far, it looks like a big cetipede passing through the entire village , so it got its name.

Eighteen strongholds (Zhongshan folk-custom village) Tickets

Eighteen strongholds Fee and Opening Hour
Admission : 20 yuan per person
Opening Hour: unknown

Eighteen strongholds (Zhongshan folk-custom village) Transporation

You can go there by bus from the urban of Sanming city.

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