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China National Peony Park

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China National Peony Park

Introduction: Introduction Luoyang National Peony Park,located in the west of Zhonggou Gutter, Luongyang Cit..

Tickets:National Peony garden fee and opening hourTicket: 30 yuan per personOpening hour: peony flores..

Travel Tips:Tips Although the peonies are beautiful, please be a civilized tourist and do not pick the

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China National Peony Park Introduction

Luoyang National Peony Park,located in the west of Zhonggou Gutter, Luongyang City was built in 1978. In May 2003, National Forestry Bureau approved to build China Luoyang National Peony Park. It is the o­nly flower park was name national.
Occupying an area of approximately 67 hectares, the park plants more than 800,000 peonies and reserves peony genes offered by the world's major peony planting countries. The purple and the yellow peony are the most precious species in the peony family in the garden. Besides, there are many other rare species, such as ErQiao (Two Beauties), Pink Zhao, Drunken Concubine Yang, and Black Dragon lying in the Inkwell. With more than 700 kinds of domestic peonies and about 130 kinds from overseas, the park has drawn thousands of visitors and businessmen from home and overseas each day.
It is a world full of colorful blooming flowers. When the peonies were in season,all residents in the Luoyang city are overwhelmed with the admiration for their beauty.
It is also good to visit Luoyang in April for the blooms of peonies here.

China National Peony Park Features

Luoyang is famous for its brilliant culture and long history. It is o­ne of the nine famous ancient capitals of China. It is encircled by Mangling Mountain in the north and Songshan Mountain in the south.The Luoyang Peony is China's traditional and well-known flower. It always represents elegance and poise. With various varieties and marvelous colors, the Luoyang Peony enjoys the honor of "King of the Flower Kingdom" and "Luoyang Peony Ranking the First under Heaven".
The Luoyang Peony, displaying natural grace and of peerless beauty and celestial fragrance, has been regarded as the world’s No 1 flower since ancient times. The 68 large peony plantations in Luoyang boost over 900 varieties of peony such as  the Yellow Yao, Purple Wei, Green Tou, Two Qiao, and Black Kui. Although growing many varieties of flowers has for long time been a custom of Luoyang people, the peony has always remained their first choice. The splendid images of the city dotted with a sea of flowers in profusion in spring time is most vividly depicted by a well known poem which reads every bloom causes a sensation in the capital; Although it blooms  for o­nly 20 days it charms everybody in the capital. Since 1983, over 2 million tourists and flowers lovers from all over the world have been drawn to the city by the annual Luoyang Peony Festival. Luoyang thus gains another title as "the Home of Peony". This annual festival helps propagate Luoyang peony across China and the rest of the world.
When spring arrives, the whole city is soaked in the sweet smell of peony. In 1982, it was defined as the city flower of Luoyang and at the same time, a decision was made to hold an annual peony fair festival in Luoyang from April 15th to 25th , concurrently with lantern shows and other forms of entertainment. During the festival, people from all corners meet in Luoyang to see the peonies and so the city livens up with a spectacle of seas of flowers and tides of people.

China National Peony Park Tickets

National Peony garden fee and opening hour
Ticket: 30 yuan per person
Opening hour: peony florescene: April 5 to May 10 th.

China National Peony Park Transporation

It is 4km away from the urban, 5km away from Kailuo highway, and the national highway 310 passes throuth the garden.You can get there directly by bus 51 from the railway station.

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