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Introduction: Introduction Situated at the Tiemen Township in the west of Xin’an County, 45 kilometers away..

Tickets:Qiantangzhizhai and opening hourTicket : 30 yuan per person Opening hour: 8:00—17:00

Travel Tips:Tips 1.Traveling outdoor, please take care of yourself, keep healthy. Drink more water and ea..

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Qiantangzhizhai Introduction

Situated at the Tiemen Township in the west of Xin’an County, 45 kilometers away from Luoyang City, Qiantangzhizhai is o­ne of the collection spots of epitaphs of the Tang Dynasty.
 This entire collection of inscribed tablets can be regarded as the "sculptural history book" of the Tang Dynasty. And the name of the gallery o­n the horizontal inscribed board was written by Zhang taiyan,It is the greatest collection of epitaphs and stone sculptures with about 1413 tablets, of which 1,185 were inscribed in the Tang Dynasty; There are also more than 220 epitaphs of Western Jin, Northen Wei, Sui, Five Dynasties, Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasties.
You can travel there all the year round.

Qiantangzhizhai Features

 General Zhang Fang, a patriarch of the Revolution of 1911 who was born in Xin’an, collected the epitaphs that had been scattered around and embedded them in the wall of a 15-cave arched building constructed in his private park of “Zhelu”. In this way, those epitaphs are well preserved up to now.
The Tang epitaphs and stone sculptures in the gallery cover the whole Tang dynasty starting from the first reign of Wude to the last region of Tianyou. These stone sculptures show important historical events such as the An Lushan-Shi Siming Rebellion. Besides these, there are also running scripts by calligraphers of Tang, Song, Yuan dynasties. It is the greatest collection of epitaphs and stone sculptures with about 1374 tablets, of which 1,185 were inscribed in the Tang Dynasty; hence, the name. Here, visitors can also have the opportunity to appreciate those painting and calligraphy treasures including the “grass-scripts” (highly cursive script) scrolls by Wang Duo of the Qing Dynasty and the four valuable paintings by o­ne of the top Chinese painter Zheng Banqiao(1693-1765) in the Qing Dynasty.
Qiantangzhizhai functions as a treasure house of historical materials for people to study the political and military achievements as well as the calligraphy of the Tang Dynasty for over three centuries. It is praised as “the Stone-carved Tang Calligraphy” and “the History of the Tang Calligraphy Evolution” because of its plenty of historical materials. Collected in hall are rare stone inscriptions, paintings and calligraphies by celebrated painters and calligraphers of different dynasties like Zheng Banqiao, Dong Qichang, Mi Fu, Wang Duo, Wu Qishuo, Yu Youren, Kang Youwei, to name just a few. With these art treasures, Qiantangzhizhai has become a base for the study of the history of Tang Dynasty, a bright pearl o­n the tourist line in Central China, and a must-go for specialists and experts as well as painting and calligraphy fans both at home and abroad.

Qiantangzhizhai Tickets

Qiantangzhizhai and opening hour
Ticket : 30 yuan per person
Opening hour: 8:00—17:00

Qiantangzhizhai Transporation

You can go to Xin’an county by coach in Luoyang.

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