Huli Mountain Cannon Platform

Huli Mountain Cannon Platform

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Huli Mountain Cannon Platform

Introduction: Introduction Only 1 km south of Xiamen University stands the imposing Huli Mountain Cannon Plat..

Tickets:Huli Mountain Cannon Platform Fee and Opening Hour Admission: 25 yuan  per person Openi..

Travel Tips:Tips 1.the tourists can see the Dadan, Erdan and other island administered by Jingmen . 2.A p..

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Huli Mountain Cannon Platform Introduction

Only 1 km south of Xiamen University stands the imposing Huli Mountain Cannon Platform. Originally built in the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) to fend off foreign imperialists, the platform boasts a huge nineteenth century heavy artillery piece produced by the German conglomerate Krüpp, with a maximum range of 10,000 meters.
The canon, placed here in 1891, cost a massive 50,000 silver taels and with a weight of 60 tons and a length of around 45 feet was the biggest coastal gun in China. Considered a serious threat then, the canon still dominated the defenses half a century later when a Japanese warship was gunned down during the anti-Japanese War (1937-1945). Behind the platform are the barracks and the arsenal.
In 1997, the Rongguang Museum was established o­n the platform, most of whose exhibits were donated by a Singapore collector. Currently the museum houses over 4,000 exhibits, including intriguing rocks with natural paintings o­n them, ancient swords and guns. Most interesting of all, there is a mini-canon here made by the Portuguese which is o­nly about 11 cm long.
Being of a subtropical monsoon climate with mild weather all year round .It is hot in summer, as the temperature at July and Auguest is over 30℃, but it is lower 10℃ in winter. The average temperature is 21℃. Spring and autumn is the best travel season.

Huli Mountain Cannon Platform Features

Hulishan Cannon platform is a key national historical and cultural site. In August, 2000, it was listed into "the complete collection of Guinness World Records of the year 2000". The Cannon platform, built in the 20th year of the emperor Guangxu's reign (1894), has more than 100 years' of history both good and bad. The base of the cannon platform is made of the mixture of camphor tree sap, liquid brown sugar, glutinous rice, clay and sand forming a very solid base.
The cannon platform houses barracks, a secret tunnel, command tower, sentry platforms, ammunition depot a trench and castle. The rectangular castle is made of granite rocks and occupies an area of 13,000 square meters.
Xiamen had been a battlefield over centuries where Xiamen people resisted aggressors. It has played an important role in resisting foreign aggressors. The east and west emplacements had two main cannons (only o­ne is left now) bought from the Krupp Company of Germany. The length of the cannon is 13.13 meters and it weights 50 tons. The caliber of the cannon is 280 mm and its maximum range of fire is 16,000 meters. The cannon platform displays more than 50 iron cannons from the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty which were found in the waters around Xiamen and o­n building sites in the area. The East and West emplacements are connected by a tunnel. There are military camps were at the exits of the tunnel. There is a trench outside which was used a defense and a patrolling path run around the inside. Dadan and Erdan Islands are visible through telescopes at the fort.
In recent years, the cannon platform yard has been renovated and large wall carvings "national soul" has been done depicting the course of warehousing weapons, reviving military forces and resisting enemies that attacked the fort. Behind the wall carvings is a small garden with evergreen grass. It has many sculptures and golden ball cactus.

Huli Mountain Cannon Platform Tickets

Huli Mountain Cannon Platform Fee and Opening Hour
Admission: 25 yuan  per person
Opening Hour: 7:30—18:00

Huli Mountain Cannon Platform Transporation

You can go there by public bus 35、96、812、616、618、531、503、811、809、106、87、86、82、48、47、29、22、2.

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