Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain

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Xiling Snow Mountain

Introduction: Introduction Xiling Snow Mountain is a national scenic resort, which lies in Dayi county, Sich..

Tickets:Xiling snow mountain fee and opening hour Ticket: South Gate: ¥20 Per person; East Gate: ¥..

Travel Tips:Tips 1, The mountain is misty, please bring gear, better rain coat.2, Keep warm, wear slip-..

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Xiling Snow Mountain Introduction

Xiling Snow Mountain is a national scenic resort, which lies in Dayi county, Sichuan province. The resort is about 95 kilometers away from Chengdu and covers an area of 482.8 kilometers. Its peak, Daxuetang, is 5364 meters high and is capped with snow all year round, which is the highest mountain in Chengdu. It acquires its fame when Du Fu lived in seclusion in the east thatched house and wrote down the famous phrase "the window contains the range of the century snow, the gate anchors the Wu Wanli ship.
The Xiling Snow Mountain is divided into the front mountain and the latter mountain. The people usually refer to the mountain ski field when mentioning the Xiling snow mountain. The latter mountain is better than the front mountain in terms of sceneries and for playing with the snow.
Known as the Oriental Alps, where you can find primeval forests, sheer precipices and overhanging rocks; you can enjoy varieties of flowers, rare birds and other animals; And you can also feel the interest of alpine natural view such as rapids, waterfalls, sea of clouds, the sun rising, the forest Buddha Halo and Yinyang Boundary.
 It can cater to those who wish to try activities such as single board skiing, sledging, motorskiing, hot-air ballooning, and gliding.
Xiling Snow Mountain falls within dimensional temperate zone, and tourists could travel all the four seasons. The flowers blossom in spring, waterfalls flows in summer, red leaves spreads the whole mountain in autumn, the snow scene is fantastic in winter. It is a great leisure, holiday, summer resort and skiing tourist zone.

Xiling Snow Mountain Features

The famous scenery includes the Red Stone Tip, Red Stone Castle, the reactionary, the livelihood level ground, and the masculine and feminine elements and so o­n. The elevation is more than 3,200 meters and is the plateau climate separator between the masculine and feminine elements, with the clear and boundless sky and the fog winding around resembles the masculine and feminine elements primal chaos composition. The four season's climate each has its own uniqueness and there are many floristic components in the scenic area.
The Giant Waterfall in the scenic spot is a wonder there, in Gaoshan Valley of Shuanghexiang, the springs falls 360 meters down from the hillside of Baoque Mountain, the thundering sound and the white waterfall are just like the poem written by Li Bai. In a suny day, the waterfall is integrated with rainbow and forms a fantastic view. Another great spot is Yinyangjie. It is both peak and a divide of two different climates. In it sunny in o­ne side, and misty in another side, so mysterious as if it is a fairyland.
 Azalea in Xiling
In spring, o­nce entering the Xiling Mountain, you are in a colorful land. Miles of azaleas will dazzle your eyes. From March to August a year, the azaleas come into bloom sequentially from low altitude to high in Mountains. They gather in clusters; some are flaming red and others snow
white. Particularly, there is a type of azalea possesses incomparable beauty---Many color in o­ne bunch. Bigger azalea trees even reach 10 meters high and over 100 centimeters in perimeter. Twisted branches spiral upward. Some are crossed; some are leaning against each other and some are crept by canes.
The Xiling Snow Mountain Ski Field is presently China's biggest scale ski field, with the best facilities o­n the alpine skiing field, the large-scale snow the amusement park and the large-scale slippery pasture and the mountain steppe movement amusement park.

Xiling Snow Mountain Tickets

Xiling snow mountain fee and opening hour
Ticket: South Gate: ¥20 Per person;
East Gate: ¥80 per person, the fare is ¥10 (double way).
The fare is ¥80 per person o­n the weekend and holidays;
The ropeway is ¥50 per person.
Opening hour: unknown

Xiling Snow Mountain Transporation

There are direct tourist snow bus to Xiling Snow Mountain from Xinnanmen Bus Station and Jinsha Bus Station, the time is 2 and a half hours. If you want to go to other scenic spots of Xiling Snow Mountain, you should first wait regular bus at Chengbei Passenger Bus Station or West Gate Bus Station to Dayi, the fare is ¥10 per person. There are lots of regular buses from Dayi To Xiling Mountain, the drive is within 1 hour, and the fare is 7 RMB.

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