Longchi National Forest Park

Longchi National Forest Park

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Longchi National Forest Park

Introduction: Introduction Snowflakes in the Sichuan provincial capital are particularly popular for their lo..

Tickets:Longchi national forest fee and opening hour Ticket: ¥50 in normal days, ¥52 in snow festi..

Travel Tips:Tips 1.The elevation in the plateau area of the northwest of Sichuan is high, so the temperat..

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Longchi National Forest Park Introduction

Snowflakes in the Sichuan provincial capital are particularly popular for their low density. The Longchi National Forest Park, situated 70 kilometers away from Chengdu is o­ne of the popular venues of Sichuan ice and snow festival. This famous National Park stands within the State-level Longxi-Hongkou Nature Reserve in the Sichuan province in China. Spreading over an area of 320 square kilometers, the park lies 2,000 meters above the sea surface.
The park was established in 1992, seven countries have ratified menstruation, in addition, the National Academy of Science Institute of Botany in China ESCWA created a mountain garden, has introduced more than 140 varieties of cultivated azaleas.
Offering a safe heaven to more than 3000 species of plants and over 350 species of animals, the park is called "gene bank of wild animals and plants". This park is famous for giant panda and snub nosed monkey. Found in very few parks in China, Longchi National Forest Park is contributing a great deal to stop this extremely rare species from being extinct. With gurgling streams and dense lush green vegetation, the park is a must visit.
Longchi falls within subtropical humid climate with distinct seasons and abundant rainfall. The average annual temperature is 16 ℃, it is suitable to go there in autumn and winter, especially winter, the golden travel season is from January to March. Better not visit it in Spring Festival, the tourists is not so many in normal days.

Longchi National Forest Park Features

Longchi Scenic Area geomorphological structure formed in over 1.9 millions before the late Triassic, trilobites, corals, brachiopods and other animal fossils can be seen everywhere in wild animals and plants is very rich in resources, as a "living fossil" of Davidia involucrata, Lianxiang trees, silver pheasant, round Xieyulan other endangered species in this vibrant, The wildlife here is the golden monkeys, pandas, antelope, cock rock and cattle, and foreign experts as being "wild plant gene bank", "Animals natural paradise."
The best scenic beauty, the park's forest of obscurities, who takes arch ring, overlapping mountains and undulating lines. Go obscurities, is a marvelous natural picture. Unique natural environment, agriculture and unpredictable changes in the fourth quarter, Longchi rippling blue waves, mountain towering old trees, waterfalls, cliffs fly linked green wilderness scene. Splendid scenery, including lakes, stone, villages and shower in o­ne, and into extraordinary and dangerous, unseen, the high integration, "to see the spring and summer playing in the water, fall foliage and winter Mt" 4:00 tourist destination. PROUD when trees recover and green sheets, a pair of green, Primula, azaleas, peonies, and other indisputable monocrotaline-beautiful throughout the forest; Summer, the summer is here attraction, visitors or rafting lake, or playing in the water streams, trees blowing listen to the sound of the waves, news Aviary music writer, cool wind caressing Schuster Qingxin goal; In mid-autumn, Hongye times Davis, were in different hues. wind flower leaves to the forest covered with a slice down like golden carpet is intoxication; winter approaching, Wonderful Time I Spent plain, white mountains garb, a pool-mirror, 10,000 trees Qionghua. The main attractions are : doors, Praying for Rain in Taiwan, constitute the main hall and Longwangmiao Peidian buildings. Longchi Bingxuejie began in late 1995, is the capital city of o­ne of the important cycle. Longchi Bingxuejie annually from December to the end of March the following year, the last three months. Leap during Christmas, New Year and the Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and the "March 8" Women's Day, to the southwest of people reside in winter tourism, providing a leisure resort, Mt, an excellent place to ski, to fill the gaps in the southwest region of the snow tourism, winter tourism has become the gold southwest lines. Longchi Bingxuejie phase of the project are : snow and ice carvings, Xuediao, cross-country skiing, free skiing, sleigh ski slopes, Malay sleigh, snow and ice photography. Longchi Scenic Area, people with a return to nature is beautiful, charming and magical revival.
With its tress and plants fully covered with snowflakes, the region seems like a heaven in white during wintertime. The spectacular winter scenery of Longchi, with trees and plants transformed into ice flowers and waterfalls into natural ice sculptures, will surely add to your pleasure.

Longchi National Forest Park Tickets

Longchi national forest fee and opening hour
Ticket: ¥50 in normal days, ¥52 in snow festival.
Ropeway: ¥40 double way.
Fare(from the parking lot to the entrance of the ropeway): ¥20.
Skiing fee: ¥60 per hour.
Opening hour : unknown

Longchi National Forest Park Transporation

The fare from Xinmanmen Bus Station to Longchi Puke is 17 RMB, 8:00-10:30, the bus leaves every 30 minutes. There are direct buses from Ximen Bus Station. It arrives there in 1 hour. Tourists could change at Dujiangyan Passenge Center, it is very convenient.
The distance is 84 kilometers from Chengdu, drive to Dujiangyan expressway-longxigou Road and then to the origin of Longxigou.

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