Mount Wawu National Forest Park

Mount Wawu National Forest Park

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Mount Wawu National Forest Park

Introduction: Introduction Located in Hongya County o­n the edge of the Sichuan Basin, the Mount Wawu Na..

Tickets:Wawu Mountain fee and opening hourTicket: 50 yuan, tour bus: 40 yuanOpening hour: unkn

Travel Tips:Tips 1.The elevation in the plateau area of the northwest of Sichuan is high, so the temperat..

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Mount Wawu National Forest Park Introduction

Located in Hongya County o­n the edge of the Sichuan Basin, the Mount Wawu National Forest Park covers an area of 1.04 million mu and is 180 kilometers from Chengdu. Forming a tourism "golden triangle" together with Mount Emei and the giant Buddha of Mount Leshan, it includes the Mount Wawu Virgin Forest Adventure Area, the Yuping Man-made Forest Resort, and the Mount Bamian Historical Sites.
Azaleas are an attraction in spring, hanging waterfalls in summer, red leaves in autumn and snow -covered mountains in winter. Tourists may view the sunrise, the sea of clouds, the "sacred lantern" and the "holy light" all the year round from peaks in the park.
It is central-Asia tropical climate in Leshan area. Season differs from each other. It has plenty of rainfall and warm during the same period. There is a long time without frost. The annual average temperature is 16.5-18.0℃. It is best to travel here in spring and autumn. Bring raincoats when you travel here in rainy season.

Mount Wawu National Forest Park Features

Fable : the Wanwu mountain is the place where Chinese Taoism orginated. Legend has goes that, the Lord Lao zi of the Great Monad rided a green bull to pass through the port for seaking the green sheep. He entered Shu along grassland old path, and then went along Qiyi river to Wawu mountain and preach his religion. He became imnoral and flied to the sky here. The wooden carving of Lord lao zi of the Great monad at the bank of Mandrin duck pond is also vivid now.
The virgin forest o­n the top of the mountain is vast and lush, where the marvelous spectacles of Mt. Wawu can be viewed: the sunrise, the cloud sea, the rainbow, the Buddhist halo, the auspicious snow, the holy lantern, and the three-suns view. There are 72 waterfalls in the forest, the highest of which is Lanxi Waterfall flying 1040 meters. With the ancient liver moss growing thickly, the forest smells primitive and plain. The famous verse of Sudong Po“The coldness of Wawu Mountain makes the snow piling up after the Spring; The Greenness of Emei Mountain is the most striking scenery after raining.
When you enter the Yuping Man-made Forest Holiday Resort, you will feel as if you have walked into a fairy land with a vast expanse of forest, waterfalls emptying into Haihui Pond and Mozi Ravine, small boats bobbing o­n Apricot Lake, and elegant wooden houses scattered all over like stars in the sky.
The snow-covered Mount Wawu is o­ne of Southwest China's wondrous sights, with its snow lasting more than half a year. Natural ice carvings formed by frozen waterfalls and curtains and pillars made of ice are another unique feature. Home to 40,000 hectares of azaleas and 20,000 hectares of dove trees, the mountain is hailed as the "kingdom of the world's azaleas" and "hometown of China's dove trees."

Mount Wawu National Forest Park Tickets

Wawu Mountain fee and opening hour
Ticket: 50 yuan, tour bus: 40 yuan
Opening hour: unknown

Mount Wawu National Forest Park Transporation

Surface Transportation
Tourist from Chengdu can first reach the downtown of Meishan City by bus. Then they can take the inner city regular buses at 20-minute intervals to Hongya County. Meishan City has opened up traveling special line bus service. Tourists are highly recommended in the case of right time.
Internal Transportation
In the scenic areas, there are buses and cableways for taking tourists to climb the mountain, which respectively costs 20yuan and 50yuan. Tourists can take an option.

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