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Luocheng ancient town

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Luocheng ancient town

Introduction: Introduction Ship-shaped Town in Sichuan Luocheng, an ancient town located in Jianwei County, ..

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Luocheng ancient town Introduction

Ship-shaped Town in Sichuan Luocheng, an ancient town located in Jianwei County, Sichuan Province, is now o­n the list of the 100 Classic Chinese Ancient Towns. The town is honored for its size and shape: the entire town looks like a ship. It was built in the first year of Chongzhen's reign in the Ming Dynasty (the year 1628). Up to the present, this surviving old street still preserves part of the human style and features of the ancient Sichuan culture during the Ming and Qing Dynasty. This old street, which is overflowing with the beauty of late afternoon is said to be the sole boat-shaped street in China.
  In the 1980s, tour operators from Australia and Canada tumbled o­n Luocheng and were fascinated by its original ideas for small town development. They duplicated this exotic Chinese town in their respective countries to attract tourists.
On both sides of this "boat-shaped street", there are a long row of wood structured houses with old roof tiles. The eaves o­n the side of the street are extraordinarily broad. The houses form a rare long corridor called "Liangtingzi (hall for shade)". Their supporting points are more than o­ne hundred old round logs standing o­n the long hexahedron stone pillars. For hundreds of years, the local people of Luocheng take drinks, eat meat, drink tea, listen to simple songs, clear ear shit, smoke tobacco leaves and sell quack medicine enjoying the blessing of the human world in the Liangtingzi which keeps off the rain and the sun.
It is central-Asia tropical climate in Leshan area. Season differs from each other. It has plenty of rainfall and warm during the same period. There is a long time without frost. The annual average temperature is 16.5-18.0℃. It is best to travel here in spring and autumn. Bring raincoats when you travel here in rainy season.

Luocheng ancient town Features

The layout of the town is ingenious. Its main street looks like a ship: the street stretches 209 meters from west to east, its two ends are quite narrow, and the sides of the middle section bulges outwardly. A temple stands at the west end and looks like the ship bow; the widest part of the street is 9.5 meters from north to south. At the east end also stands a temple. Buildings o­n the two sides of the street are like shipboards and in the center is a theater stage, which looks like a cabin of the ship.
  According to the local annals, Luocheng was first built toward the end of the Chongzhen Period of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). It has been known as a waterless wharf in the county since ancient times. Legends have it that the town was built into a ship's shape thanks to a piece of advice from a scholar surnamed Zhang. He was passing through the town when he saw people everywhere praying for rain. He left behind a poem which suggested that the town be built into a ship so as to have everlasting water supply. Probably the ingenious suggestion was hastily grabbed up as the last resort to fight the drought, or probably the scholar was regarded as a god in disguise coming to save the town. But anyway, hundreds of artisans worked hard and converted the main street into a ship.
It is said that the small town of less than 2000 residents boasted 12 temples in the past, five of which were later converted into houses of provincial guilds for business people. Local residents still adhere to traditions. There are quite a few temple affairs in the town around the year. Sometimes residents even carry a Buddha statue out of a temple and parade it in the main street, when villagers from nearby mountains flock to the town to put o­n lion dancing shows and dragon lantern shows. o­n such occasions the main street serves as the center of entertaining activities of the town.
Water is steeped in the memory of the town people. Before a tap water system was installed throughout the town, a pail of water was traditionally the best gift to express congratulations when someone was enrolled by a university or someone joined the army. When the local government officials visited families of retired cadres, armyman's families or revolutionary martyrs' families or families that receive government subsidies, water was always o­n the top of gift lists.
Another big feature of the ship-shaped town is that an ethnic group of about 800 Hui people. Nowadays, about 800 Muslims live there. There is a mosque in a quiet wood outside the town. Muslims meet and pray in the mosque o­n Fridays. They observe important Muslim rituals such as Ramadan. The Muslim food is an important part of the local cuisine. Visitors will most greedily devour the tasty refreshments.

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Luocheng ancient town fee and opening hour
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It is located in the northern of the Jianwei county, it is 60km away from Leshan city. It takes you 1 hour from Leshan bus station to Luocheng by bus.

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